What are the Best African Safaris?

June 10, 2013

We have so many popular African safaris because there are so many popular highlights in Africa!

We have tours ranging from 7 to 58 Days exploring one or multiple African countries, available as camping tours, accommodated tours or small group tours. The options are endless and, we are here to help narrow down popular tours to perfectly suite YOUR holiday plans.

Camping safaris allows you to enjoy Mother Nature at her best, ending each day around your campfire and camping under a starry night sky. It is truly an authentic African wilderness experience and easy on your pocket.

A few of our most popular camping safaris are:

•    20 Day Cape Town to Victoria Falls
•    16 Day Botswana Overland
•    55 Day Cape Town to Nairobi Overland Epic Adventure

Accommodated safaris offer a comfortable way to experience rustic Africa. You still enjoy a hands-on adventure, ending each day with the comfort of bedded accommodation.

A few of our most popular accommodated safaris are:

•    20 Day Cape Town to Victoria Falls
•    42 Day Cape Town to Nairobi Adventure (Comfort)
•    29 Day Johannesburg to Nairobi Adventure (Comfort – North)

Small group camping safaris allow you to get close to nature and one can also get to know the people you are on tour with a little bit better. A maximum of 12 to 16 travellers are allowed, giving you more space and freedom to get in touch with your surroundings.

A few of our most popular small group accommodated safaris are:

•    14 Day Botswana Wilderness
•    14 Day Mozambique Explorer
•    12 Day Best of Uganda Adventure
•   17 Day Best of Namibia Budget Safari

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