What Types of Vehicles are used on an African Overland Safari?

June 10, 2013

There are two types of vehicles used – Custom built adventure overland vehicles (i.e. overland trucks or safari midi-bus) and smaller East African safari vehicles (i.e. land cruiser or mini-bus).

Each vehicle is uniquely designed to travel comfortably and safely, on varying types of African road conditions. The vehicles are fully serviced and well-maintained before each departure to ensure comfort and safety.

* Adventure overland trucks can comfortably seat a maximum of 24 to 30 travellers

* Overland safari midi-buses can comfortably seat a maximum of 14 travellers

* East African safari vehicles can comfortably seat a maximum of 9 travellers

Keep in mind, your tour vehicle and group size will depend on your chosen tour.

The overland trucks (maximum 24 to 30) have a combination of forward-facing and in-ward facing seats. These are individual, cushioned and ergonomically designed for long periods of travel and fitted with seat belts.

Each overland truck is fitted with the following:

* Large storage areas for the camping gear and luggage

* A 200L water tank

* A fully-equipped field kitchen

* Fold-out tables and chairs

* Freezers

* Overhead luggage racks

* Lockers for your daypacks

* A safe for valuables

* First aid kit

* Recreational material such as books and games

* Charging facilities for your cameras and phones etc.

* PA system

* Hand-dishwashing equipment

* I-pod/MP3 points

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