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Why go on a Walking Safari in Africa?


A walking safari is so different to staying in a lodge in the bush. A lot of lodges offer ‘walking safaris’ which are great, but if you are looking for a more engaging bush experience then a 4 or 5 day walking safari could be for you.

On a walking safari the place you end is where you sleep, under the bright African skies. You spend the night sitting at the fire thinking about the days sightings or simply just lying there listening to every leaf bending and animal night cry. Your experienced guide will teach you the skills used to track animals and their daily movements. You will learn about animals behaviour and they way animals survive in harsh conditions. You will definitely come across animals and your guide will brief you on how to stay safe during these encounters.

The thrill of walking, tracking and getting up close to one of the animals of the bush is an unforgettable experience. “The wilderness is something special. To me, the only way to experience the real spirit of Africa is on foot. Away from the noise and turmoil of modern society, it truly helps you to get your terrestrial problems into perspective.” – Norman Carr, Kakuli “

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