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Must do Winter Warmers in Cape Town

Must do Winter Warmers in Cape Town

Drumming: A superb way to warm up your hands and get your heart pumping and feet stomping. Let the rhythm of the drums chase the cold away while you meet new people and partake in the deep sounds of Africa.

Winter concerts in Kirstenbosch: Located on Rhodes Drive in Newlands

Known as the most beautiful garden in Africa, right below Table Mountain, this is a beautiful venue to visit. In the Summer months visitors flock to the green lawns to listen to live music shows while enjoying a picnic dinner, whilst in Winter the main restaurant offers a very reasonably-priced dinner which includes a live music event. The service is superb, the venue is cozy and the entertainment is heart-warming. One of the most popular ways to enjoy a cold Sunday night’s evening.

The Theatre on the Bay: Located at 1a Link Street, Camps Bay

This open-air amphitheatre in the quaint town of Stellenbosch is surrounded by vineyards and oak trees. All sorts of productions are showcased here and one can also enjoy a light picnic before one of the many splendid shows offered here.

This theatre is situated along the foreshore of one of Cape Town’s most prestige’s beaches and offers audiences a variety of musicals, dramas, comedies and much more. There is also The Sidedish Bistro offering patrons a fine dining experience to warm up before the show.

theatre on the bay

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Oude Libertas Amphitheatre: Located in Stellenbosch Central, Stellenbosch

The theatre opened its doors in 1959 to amateur and professional performers offering musicals, dramas, dancing and various other art forms. It is a cozy venue with 174 seats just a few minutes’ walk to the sea and surrounded by quaint restaurants and antique shops.

The Masque Theatre: Located at 37 Main Road, Muizenburg

A unique open-air theatre situated in Maynardville park, surrounded by trees with statues of Shakespeare and other well-known theatrical playwrights. Covering ballets, plays and well-known musicals this is a treat for any theatre goer.

The Maynardville Open-air Theatre: Located in Maynardville Open-Air Park, Wynberg

This theatre offers a fun, vibey and casual atmosphere in which to enjoy a drink or two and a meal while watching the live shows.

The Barnyard Theatre: Located in Willowbridge Life Style Centre, Tygervalley

The Fugard offers musical productions and live music events, complete with a bioscope celebrating the greatest stories by the South African Playwright, Athol Fugard.

The Fugard Theatre: Located in Caledon Street, District 6

Established in 1977, here you are offered a myriad of theatre productions, music and dance to liven any cold winter’s evening. The atmosphere is casual and relaxed and provides entertainment for the whole family.

The Baxter: Located on the main road in Rondebosch

Established in 1971 the theatre offers everything from Dance to Comedy to Opera and Musicals. An opulent building with style and class where you get to experience local and international talent.


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Artscape: Located in Cape Town city centre, DF Malan Street, Foreshore

Cape Town offers a multitude of arts and cultural activities. Some of the most popular theatres to see some fantastic shows are:

Theatres and Musical Events

Two oceans aquarium: This enormous underwater world will captivate and enchant your senses. Located indoors, while the sea animals swim around you in the cold waters, one can observe their extraordinary behaviour and breathtaking colours and features. Be sure to take the kids to say ‘hi’ to Nemo!

Cape Malay cooking classes: What a great way to warm the ‘cockles of your heart’ while you learn all about the hot spices and prepare dishes that you can enjoy eating afterwards. Of course once you have learnt the fine art of Malay cooking, every wintry night can be a HOT one!

Warming winter relaxation: Don’t forget the wonders of a hot stone massage, facial, Jacuzzi, sauna, facial manicure or pedicure to treat your body to the nourishment it needs during Winter. Often we neglect our bodies over the winter months because the thought of standing in the cold to moisturise ourselves or taking our clothes off at any time seems too daunting, so why not go to a beauty salon where there are heaters, warm towels and electric blankets for you to lie down and relax upon while pampering your body.

Galleries/Art Exhibitions

Cape Town has an abundance of art galleries and exhibitions where you can be indoors, sip on a glass of complementary wine and take in the local displays. Take a few friends with so you can discuss the art and maybe head off for a meal at a restaurant close by where you can continue your discussion.

Don’t allow the cold to let you miss out on the hot nightlife that Cape Town has to offer. A lovely pub lunch by a warm fire, sipping on some good red wine and perhaps listening to some live music is all you need to enjoy a cold Winter’s day.


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