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sunway safarisSunway Safaris focus on small group camping and accommodated adventure tours in Southern Africa. They maximum group size is 12 people and they have a diverse range of ages between 25 and 60 years old with the average being 37 years old. The Sunway Safari tours have two qualified and registered field guides (FGASA) making it an extremely informative adventure.  The guaranteed departures give travellers peace of mind and added to that the inclusive price with no hidden costs make for easy budgeting. Sunway Safaris is committed to sustainable and responsible tourism and everything is done to limit the impact on the environment. With 22 years experience (2016), they are professional and a leader in overland safaris.

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 Overland Style

Sunway Safaris keep the number of travellers to a minimum, therefore reducing the impact on the environment and allowing you more freedom when on your safari.

Small Group Tours

The small groups only allow for a maximum of 12 people allowing you to have more of an intimate experience with Africa and its culture. Their trips cater for a wide variety of ages, with 38 years old being the average age, but most of the travellers are aged between 25 and 60. This range of travellers allows you to meet many new and interesting people while passing peacefully through nature.

What is a Sunway Safaris Tour like?

Sunway Safaris Vehicles The custom designed safari vehicles have large windows, front- facing seats providing both comfort and safety on African roads. 4×4 vehicles are used in Botswana for use in the national parks. sunway safaris tour


There are two Sunway tour guides who are qualified and registered field guides (Field Guides Association of SA). They have a wealth of information and knowledge which means your tours will be enriched with their expertise and passion for Africa. Accommodation and Campsites The camping facilities are good with hot showers, electricity, access to laundry facilities, interesting bars and restaurants. Some of the camps, however, have limited facilities, but they still have flushing toilets! All camping equipment is supplied, but you need to provide your own sleeping bag, pillow and towels. Two-man canvas dome tents are provided for you to rest in and are fitted with mosquito nets for your protection. They also provide tables and chairs and all cooking equipment and utensils, as well as cooler boxes or freezers for fresh food. If you prefer added comfort and a dash of style with your safari adventure, then Sunway Safaris are more than capable of providing suitable accommodation for you. With guest houses, lodges, chalets or permanent tents, you are spoiled for choice. Some rooms have en-suite bathrooms while others are communal and you will more than likely share, but single supplements are available if you wish to stay on your own. They have a grading system of either ‘Rustic’ (sharing/basic facilities) or ‘Comfort’ (en-suite bathrooms/personalised service).

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