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Bronwyn’s Fear of the Bush

I blame my fear of the bush on growing up in a quiet suburban town where only squirrel’s and doves disturb the tranquillity. It’s not that I am afraid of animals, I’m just not used to them being in my backyard! After all squirrel’s and doves are predictable, bull elephants are not. I’m also used […]

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Wise Ways to Buy Souvenirs on a Safari

Let’s face it – if you go home to your friends and family after going on a safari in Africa and don’t take home a few souvenirs – you are going to have a few disappointed faces! At the same time, this can be an expensive exercise, as well as time-consuming, and if you don’t […]

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Where to travel in Africa month by month

Many places in Africa have distinct dry, wet, hot and cool periods during the year, which can affect travel plans hugely. You wouldn’t want to spend your two-week holiday on the tropical island of Zanzibar in the pouring rain, would you? If you’re going on a wildlife safari in Africa, it’s important to choose the […]

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Why do you need Travel Insurance?

Travel insurance is definitely seen as one of those expenses that you just don’t want to have to do, but should anything go wrong (as it does) it is absolutely vital.  Have a read below as to why you should have travel insurance. 1. Travel Insurance protects your investment in your holiday. You may recover […]

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Why you should book your next trip to Africa

Africa is the wildest continent on the planet, spanning mountains, deserts, lakes, jungles, huge wetlands and coastlines covered in spectacular beaches and some of the world’s most bio diverse habitats. Home to 54 countries and thousands of different cultures, Africa has an astonishing array of natural wonders, including wildlife found nowhere else. There’s something undeniably […]

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Why Travel Makes you Awesome

You can choose the kind of traveller you want to be. You can choose to be a ‘stick in the mud’, or a ‘go-getter’. You can choose to live life to the fullest or hide away in the shadows. You only have one chance, so read this article to make sure you make the right […]

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serengeti on a budget

How to travel to the Serengeti on a budget

The Serengeti National Park in Tanzania is one of Africa’s great wildernesses, and offers one of the continent’s best safari experiences. The world’s largest protected grassland, the Serengeti is a made up of vast savanna plains and forests, and teems with wildlife. It’s especially well known for its predators – lions, leopards, cheetahs and hyenas […]

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best time to go to east africa on safari

When is the Best Time to go to East Africa?

The question of “When is the best time to go to East Africa?” is a question we get asked a lot. Thanks to the size and unique areas in East Africa this means that it is a year round destination. Here we highlight the best time to visit certain areas. Best times to visit Tanzania: […]

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Top 10 Wine Farms in Stellenbosch

1.    Meerlust Well-known for generating top-class wine selections, Meerlust Wine Estate was proudly established by the Myburgh family in 1756. Presently, the fine art of winemaking takes place under the guidance of expert Hannes Myburgh – eighth generation custodian of this 17th century national monument. With its historic manor house, classic wine cellar, dovecote and […]

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Southern Africa vs Europe

Just how big is Southern Africa compared to Europe?

One of the biggest challenges we have is explaining how far things are in Africa. Doing a classic Cape Town to Victoria Falls tour is an amazing experience but definitely not for the faint hearted. It is an adventure that covers vast distances but at the same time takes you to places that are so […]

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