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Cape Town, South Africa

Alive with enthusiasm, cultures and nationalities, Cape Town is a bubbling, trendy city where hardly a week goes by without some kind of event or celebration happening somewhere in the city or its immediate surroundings. The weather in a day in Cape Town can sometimes be as diverse as its people. Overall, it can get pretty chilly and wet over winter, but even that isn’t even enough to dampen the young-hearted spirit of Cape Town.

The list of attractions for Cape Town is endless, ranging from Table Mountain, Lion’s Head, Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens, postcard-pretty beaches, Cape Point, the penguins at Kalkbay, museums, theatres, restaurants, nightclubs, idiosyncratic shops (especially in Loop and Long Street), dreamlike vineyards, adventure centres, and really much, much more.

Summer is usually the most comfortable month to explore the city, but a wild gale, called ‘The Cape Doctor’, sometimes makes its dramatic appearance, especially during spring. It will literally and figuratively blow you away!

Music, especially live music, seems to be the heart and soul of Cape Town, and if you’re not hearing it in a restaurant, club or pub, you’ll most probably hear it coming from some corner or another as you walk down the street. It gives one a sense of a general ambience that’s open-minded and relaxed.


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