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We had an amazing time in this tour. We saw wonderful landscape and wildlife. The truck and equipment were just perfect! we really enjoyed our time.


The entire camping tour was amazing. I must first acknowledge the effort and dedication that our tour guide/friend made throughout the trip. Johan was patient, funny and always willing to accommodate every need.


It was amazing to see Krüger national park and all the amazing nature here! It was great to see and learn about the Big 5 - at one point in the night safari we saw a lion lying right in front of us on the road! Swaziland was really interesting and enjoyed finishing in Durban.


Thank you Nicky for all your help in planning the trip. Tour Leader: Clever - Thanks for taking care of my vegetarian needs and a special thanks for keeping me out of jail! Driver: Dave - Thanks for your patient, expert driving skills and for all you great stories and information re: Africa.


I loved the 4 countries, loved the people, and the overland experience is unique. There were times I would have loved to stay longer at places, but it moves quickly. 20 days goes quickly. The food was not great and the truck needed some attention and updated, but overall it was a remarkable journey. It was a great look at Southern Africa. Glad I was able to experience this. The crew were efficient and no one got sick or hurt. The food was not exciting and far from gourmet, but the cooks were really nice and enjoyable. We had lots of laughs and good times with the crew. The driver was amazingly skillful at driving the bumpy roads. I always felt safe.


This was my fifth trip to Africa and my first to Kenya and Tanzania. It was, without doubt, the best tour I have done. The cultural experiences were wonderful and the wildlife far exceeded my expectations. Saw leopards including a small cub, cheetahs with cubs, lions and many cubs, huge herds of elephants, the Maasai giraffe and the most incredible wildebeest migration and river crossings. Accommodation was fabulous and in fact I found my most favourite place at Mara Eden Safari Camp. Biggest tent I have ever seen and looking out to the river rushing past with hippos and elephant on the banks. Would recommend to everyone. My tour guide and driver in Kenya was Michael. What an amazing, lovely man with a great sense of humour and amazing driving skills. His knowledge was invaluable.


The group of people were very nice - though was a ciggie smoking bunch (lots of breaks), but survived. The experiences w/the safaris were fantastic. The truck had mishaps. A/c didn't work (accident prior to meeting us) but w/the great weather didn't matter. Roads took it's toll on the truck as well. W/in a 1/2 hr of beginning a safari came upon a pack of hyenas and a few devouring a wildebeest. Unreal hearing them crunch the bones. Weren't lucky enough to see a river crossing w/the wildebeest and the zebras but saw the thousands of them altogether and was amazing to behold. Definitely would tell Jo to not send people to the Masai village. Lots of pressure and just not fun. I don't think any travel company needs to be part of it. Loved having the chance to see Olduvai Gorge. Jo set that up and it made my experience even better. The Zanzibar lady tour guide was wonderful. Her brief tour (cause others wanted to sit and drink) helped me enormously for when I stayed there on my own later the following week. Nungwi beach was great as well. Btw, Jo bakes the most AMAZING bread!


So many highlights on the two tours we booked through African Overland Tours: Trekking to the Gorillas (best experience ever) Kazinga Channel Boat Cruise Day Trip to Rwanda Camping inside Lake Nakuru National Park Whitewater rafting in the Nile River Masai Mara – Seeing the Big 5 in one day Ngorongoro Crater amazing Camping inside the Serengeti – having hyenas and buffalo at your tents was incredible Serengeti was unbelievable, words cant describe how great the park is. Usambara Mountains local hike, lunch and dance was great fun and was really enjoyable to meet and interact with the locals. Zanzibar was the best way to finish the trip  it was lovely. Lastly the people were also a massive highlight! The locals, the guides, the drivers, the cooks and the other tourists on our trip were all fantastic and made the trip unforgettable. The driver were amazing and we were able to sleep with no issues, the food was amazing. I cannot found a bad word to write about the Intrepid guys. Huntley booked the tours for us and was the best to deal with. He ensure we were picked up on day 2 which saved us a lot of time! He was always prompt with his responses and made the trip flow so well. Thank you Huntley for all of your help! it was an unbelievable experience and we will be back.

Laura Simona

Very well organize tour, a little bit taft in terms of wake up times and number of kilometers, but it was worth to do it. Beautiful animals and wonderful landscapes. Best value for money!


Africa blew me away - it exceeded my expectations by far! The best part was without a doubt the people; the friends I made on tour, with the crew and local people we met and spent time with. Other than that, my three highlights were the Maasai Mara, Nile river cruise and off course, the magnificent gorillas! The crew definitely has a HUGE role to play and we were spoiled with the best combo! Richard - absolute gentlemen and wonderful chef! Ensuring every step of the way that everyone is comfortable, looked after and ensures the local experience too. Jackson - Mr Schumacher! Exceptional driver, ensuring we got where we needed to be safely, while always making time for a joke, laugh and a quick chat. Simeon - What a caring, gentle soul - making a point of talking to each person everyday and always joining for a bit of fun and a laugh.


So many highlights! Coming face-to-face with 4 crocs AND a leopard sitting just behind them, on our last day, was the biggest thrill. Cloud and Wayne. They were really terrific guys, always incredibly patient and kind, and full of knowledge that enhanced our experience. They were also very diplomatic when clients didn't behave so well. We couldn't fault them, really!


What sticks with me most is the friendliness of all the people we met The most scary was when on the Chobe River a Hippo surfaced and actually hit our boat and I can't swim. The change in the land from desert to savannah to the delta and different colours of the earth and of course who can forget all those wonderful animals the best was when one huge bull elephant stood straight in front of us on the track and flared its ears right out then decided we weren't worth bothering about

Esti Carmon

Thank you very much for your help and advices. I really really enjoy this beautiful amazing adventure in Africa.

Kit Yeung

It's an amazing journey, adventure and explore trip which opened up my eyes in these continent, cannot find a better way to get to know Africa. And my agent and now my great friend Huntley make all these possible and easy. In love already and planning for my next one! Africa, I WILL BE BACK.

Daniel Kuzeff

QUICK RECOMMENDATIONS (for camping not accommodated overland tours): 1. Firstly, DO IT, with whichever company you choose, just do it. It is just an awesome experience and is for all ages. 2. If your looking at any particular itinerary through a website contact and at least ask them the question as to what they can do price wise. Their service when we had an issue arise on tour was second to none. 3. ATC being African based and one of the longest running overland companies were awesome and based off my experience I would say at least consider them as your value option! 4. Word of warning: Don’t go with NOMADS. They cost more than ATC and are not worth the extra money in my opinion. They have a very bad reputation when it comes to paying their staff and suppliers (camps). Got some inside word on them a few times during the journey from camps and ex guides. 5. If you have just finished school and are 18-22 and you want to pay extra just to be with some people your age, go with Acacia. But really, having a mixed group of people that we had (20-68) was awesome. If you’re in this age range of 18-22, your probably budget conscious, so save the dollars and just go ATC. 6. If you want to pay extra few thousand for the premium option and travel in a European styled coach instead of a truck. I would recommend G-Adventures over Intrepid at this price bracket. 7. You always hear about Kenya/Tanzania. But the VIC Falls to Cape Town route (21 days) was my personal favourite of the journey. The Delta, Chobe, Etosha, Fish River Canyon, Cape Town and just Namibia in general blew me away! 8. Have an awesome trip, just say yes and get out there and do it. Africa is an amazing continent and these overland companies really have nailed the East/Southern Africa route.

Lorie Foster

I’m on the 1st half of my Safari as I write this. Everything from service, guides, locations and activities are just as Elroy described to me!

Mette Ehlers Mikkelsen

Booking with Nicky was all about being heard and being advised on having a perfect holiday for us with our wishes and budget. And Overland Tours come highly recommended from fellow travellers of mine in the Danish Travellers Club.

Kathryn Bruno

George was really helpful and attentive in finding a tour that fit all our needs!

Andrew Quartey

Viewing from Accra Ghana

Rebecca Brooks

We have had the best overland safari experience, breathtaking experiences. Our guide was friendly and engaging ( Tembe), Frans a skilled driver of our reliable truck) and Martin cooked us up the most delicious meals. I would highly recommend this company.

Stefan Christiaan De Wet

Great staff with excellent knowledge, experience and care for their clients! Can't go wrong booking with them :)

Fredrika Olson

I have booked a Safari in December 2018. I got great service with everything in connection to my booking. Easy to make payment from Sweden.

Sandra Yonekura

I booked a 14 d tour with them...very pleased ! Special thanks to Chermone...she kindly answered quickly all my doubts! Easy to pay it too!

Warna Fernando

I did a 14 day accommodated tour of Africa in May 2017 through them but I am very disappointed how the tour was managed and organized by them. I gave my feedback form to the drivers what I experienced on the tour but so far no one has contacted me to find why I have given such a bad feedback. I hope there are better tour companies in South Africa.

Sérgio De Araújo Pereira

Estou programando uma ida a Africa e devo fazer com essa empresa

Joanne Delorme Scott

It’s been a long time since I’ve used an agent to book travel –I’m a deal-direct kind of person. But in researching our overland Africa trip I wound up in touch with Andrew Walton at Escape4Africa/Africa Overland Tours and I couldn’t be happier. Without getting into too much detail, I’ll just say that our situation falls far outside the box and standard dealings don’t work for us. I guess you could call us high-maintenance! We need more personalized attention to get things done and Andrew didn’t disappoint. Not only did he go the extra mile to get us all the information we needed but he was always prompt, friendly and as excited about our trip as we were! He really loves this continent and travel in general and it shows in his care and attention to detail. He had every answer to every question and without his help, booking this trip would have been much more difficult indeed. Our trip is over now and it went off without a hitch with no small thanks to Andrew. Our single regret is that we didn’t have the time to stop in at the Escape4Africa office and say hello & thanks in person. He was that great. Great enough to inspire my first-ever online review.

Belen Delgado

Best part of the tour was the drive games that gave us the opportunity to see a lot of animals. I would like to remark the white lady painting excursion which surprisingly fascinating

Geetika sodhi

Tammy has been my contact person for my African Camping tour, and its been an awesome experience. she is super helpful and very descriptive in her suggestions. Her positive attitude, knowledge of the continent and approachable personality made me very comfortable and excited about the tour i'm about to embark on. Look forward to more such interactions.

Luis de Medeiros Marques Hashimura

I discovered African Overland Tours trough Google. After I showed interest in one of their tours, Tammy Sylvestre, a travel and tour consultant within African Overland Tours wrote me back right away. Since the beginning of our conversation she has been very kind, attentive, helpful, as well as demonstrating deep knowledge in her area, responding to my enqueries and my requests in an extremely quickly manner. I ended up boking two tours with her and she arranged all the datails for me in a really professional and efficient way! I can´t reccomend Tammy better! When I come back to Africa again I´ll definetely return to her to assist me on planning the trip! Thank you!

Dominique Sars

I have been in contact with Tammy from the beginning to the end and it was excellent! She was always very helpful and cheerful and she arranged everything as promised quickly. This made the proces go very smooth and easily. 5 stars definitely!


Huntley Cronje kindly helped me with my reservation. City tour was recommended at reasonable price. As an female Asian, it was not easy to come to Africa, so I tried to give up, but I was impressed by the warm consideration and decided to travel to Africa. It is a blessing to meet Huntley! If my friends visit Africa, I will connect them with Huntley without hesitation! I've heard that I have to wait a lot to ask for something in Africa, and Huntley is really really very thankful for helping me quickly.어딜 여행가든 위험은 도사리고 있지만, 특히 아프리카는 내게 너무나 멀고 낯선 동네였다. 혼자서 아프리카를 여행한다는 건 생각도 해보지 못 했다. 동양인 여성으로서 더더욱. 환경이 바뀌는 걸 두려워하는 내게 영어로 아프리카 여행 패키지를 신청하는 것부터 내겐 크나큰 도전이었다. 여행을 해도 아시아를 벗어난 적 없던 나는 헌틀리와 이메일을 주고 받는 와중에도 불안했다. 헌틀리는 증명자료를 제시해주며 날 안심시켰다. 이메일을 주고 받는 며칠동안 갈까? 말까? 많이 망설였다. 주변에선 유럽이나 가라고 내가 아프리카에 가는 걸 뜯어말렸다. 하지만 헌틀리는 언제나 상냥하고 빠르게 이메일에 응답해주었고, 노매드와 직접 연결하지 않고 그를 통해 예약한 게 다행이라고 생각한다. 내가 아프리카 여행을 안전하게 다녀온다면, 내 주변인들이 아프리카 여행을 가려고 할 때 주저없이 헌틀리를 추천할 것이다. 한국 사람들은 한정된 여행사만을 이용하는 경우가 많은 것 같은데, 그 외에도 많은 여행사들이 합리적인 가격으로 투어를 제공하고 있고, 헌틀리는 그 중 가장 합리적인 여행을 제안할 수 있는 친절한 가이드니까. 지금까지의 감상은 그렇다! 변동이 생기면 수정하겠다.

Anders Jaensson

Tamlyn was my contact at the agency and she was just amazing from the start. Sunny, energetic, knowledgeable and so so helpful. She actually made the booking experience a real pleasure. Also. due to flight delays on my way to Cape Town I ended up in a difficult situation, which Tamlyn helped me solve, even though it was not her responsability. Furthermore, she waited for me at the guest house just to welcome me and to check that everything was ok even though I arrived really late. If everybody working in the tourist industry were as service minded as Tamlyn, no guests would ever have to worry about there trips or end up unsatified. All my kudos to you, Tamlyn.

Darren Couch

Fantastic company to deal with. Chermone has been just a pleasure to deal with.

Katie Lupton

Excellent service, really looking forward to the trip!!

Christopher Smith

Excellent service - Huntley was very helpful every step of the way. Highly recommended

Jamie Friedman

So helpful in every way. Really made planning this trip so easy. I've had a great customer service experience.

Amanda Bird

Super easy to book, quick and the tour was incredible! I'll definitely be coming back soon!!

Dee Lee

Andrew Walton has been a real pleasure to deal with - He is super efficient, honest, fun to work with and gave me great insight into all the African countries I wanted to visit.African Overland are a great company and one you should definitely book with if you are considering the beautiful continent of Africa for your next trip!