The Effect Africa Leaves With You

April 23, 2013

Good morning Andrew,

Cathy has forwarded me her itinerary for the trip from Nairobi to Cape Town later this year. I am just so jealous of her!!! I would really give anything to do what she is doing.

Ngorongoro is one place I have told her that she may not miss on any account! It is my passion to sit right in the middle for about 3 days and just soak it all up!

We were in Zanzibar in 2007 at Karafuu on the east coast, and would go back at the drop of a hat. I even managed to convince my wife to do some snorkelling! She is now totally converted and has even purchased all her own kit.

Cathy may have told you that I grew up In Rhodesia, but she has never been there. Pity you are just passing through. I would just love to be able to take both my daughters back there and show them where I grew up. I left there in 1975, but went back on holiday in 1996, ’98 and ’99. It is still home to me.

Chobe is just great around the area of Kasane, where I did manage to spend some time in 1998.

I have also told Cath that she has to do the Quad bikes in Namibia. Something else I also want to do before it’s too late. Her grandfather was born in Maltahöhe.

I will now go & look at your web site.

May I thank you and your company for giving her the experience of a life time. As you and I know, the dirt of Africa NEVER leaves your feet – you will always come back!!!

Kind regards

Mike D

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