How to Budget for an Overland Trip to Africa?

Budgeting is probably the hardest part of planning any holiday, and made easier by keeping the following in mind:

Basic Tour Cost:

1. Tour Price + Local Payment or Activity Package (where appropriate) + Single Supplement (single travellers where appropriate)

Additional Tour Costs:

1. International flights
2. Visas
3. Pre- and Post-tour transfer + accommodation
4. Spending money (guesstimate USD10 to USD15 per person per day)
5. Optional activities
6. Money for curios (optional 100 USD max)
7. Emergency cash-stash (optional 50 USD)
8. Guide tips (approximately USD 3 – USD5 per crew per day)

We can assist in booking international flights, airport transfers and accommodation you may need. Just let us know your city of departure and when you prefer to arrive and depart.

More detail on budgeting for your Africa Trip.

Visas are required by most travellers to Africa and determined based on your nationality (your passport). We recommend contacting the relevant African country Consulate / Embassy to check your requirements, as this information changes regularly.

How much spending money do I need on tour?

Spending money varies on your personal spending habits – we guesstimate USD10 to USD 15 per person per day to cover snacks, drinks, souvenirs, internet café’s etc. Keep in mind you may spend more on some days and less on others and does vary depending entirely on you. Some travellers prefer to spend more and others less.

Optional activities vary based on your chosen overland tour and your personal preference. It is best to work through the optional activities available on your chosen tour, tally-up your total and see how this fits into your budget. All optional activities are booked with your Tour Leader once you are on tour. Most can be paid in cash or traveller cheques, based on the currency in which they are quoted.

Emergency cash stash will come in handy for that ‘just in case’ situation. It is best to budget for this is in US Dollars cash and keep it separate from your on-tour money (visas, optional activities, spending money).

We also offer semi-inclusive camping or accommodated tours, already including popular excursions available en-route. It is convenient having these excursions included, as you carry less cash on tour.

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