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Is Africa a Safe Destination for Female Travellers?

Safety is always a concern for travellers no matter where they’re visiting in the world. And it’s no wonder questions on safety pop up almost first and foremost – the world itself is a crime infested place and danger is all around us. Travellers especially are concerned about their safety as they are entering into […]

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Beautiful Cape Town

Looking for the Best Weekend in Cape Town

The Mother City, as Cape Town is fondly called, is known as one of the most beautiful cities in the world and offers locals and visitors a wide spectrum of things to do on a weekend. You won’t often hear someone say that there was nothing to do in Cape Town, as there are always […]

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wildlife on safari

Top Tips for Epic Wildlife Photography

There is nothing more beautiful and inspiring than snapping pictures of wildlife, their habits and nature.  When going out to photograph wildlife, make sure you have the correct equipment and make sure to do some research about where you’ll find the species you’re most wanting to photograph. Good equipment means a camera with a strong […]

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Victoria Falls Bridge - Botswana and Zimbabwe Tour

Visiting Zimbabwe: The Top 10 Things to Do

Zimbabwe is a country that will take you on a personal journey with its beautiful landscapes, giant boulders, mountains, World Heritage archaeological sites; and you will stand in amazement feeling in awe of the Victoria Falls which is one of the natural wonders of the world.  You may also get to see the Big Five, […]

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Staying Safe While on Safari

10 Tips to Keep you Safe while in the Bush on Safari

Most people love the idea of going on a safari, it is often listed as one of the top most popular excursions on an African travel bucket list. The idea of seeing wildlife in their natural habitats and getting up close and personal with them is a heartwarming experience. However, one should not forget that […]

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Africa’s Greatest Peaks

Africa offers wonderful safaris; it’s riddled with gorgeous coastlines, attractions, historical monuments and natural phenomenons – the continent really has so much to offer in making your entire bucket list experiences a reality. One I am sure you’re dying to tick off (especially as an adventure seeker), is that of climbing one of Africa’s greatest […]

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winter safari

The Benefits of a Winter Safari Experience

Visiting, exploring and adventuring in Africa, is or should be one of the top bucket list experiences. Africa is a beautiful continent and has so much to offer, with its fauna and flora, wildlife, majestic mountains, open plains, rivers, beautiful coastal and inland destinations and fantastic weather. What more could one wish for? Africa boasts […]

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African Overland Tours

The most Frequently asked Questions about Africa; Answered

When it comes to Africa, often the questions that you least expect people to ask, somehow come up. Questions range from the more ‘basic’, to extreme cases such as ‘Do wild animals roam the streets?’ There is this preconceived idea that Africa has wild animals roaming the streets and that we all live in huts! […]

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