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Victoria Falls Tours

The famous Victoria Falls is wedged between Zimbabwe and Zambia and is know as Mosi-oa-Tunya or ‘the smoke that thunders’. It is the largest waterfall in the world. Book a Cape Town to Victoria Falls Adventure Package and take in the view of the mighty falls.

An unforgettable experience as the spray from the falls rises to a height of over 400 meters while also visible for up to 48 km away. At full moon a phenomena know as a ‘moonbow’ is visible in the spray, a unique and beautiful experience. On the Zambian side of the Falls is the naturally formed Devil’s Pool famous with travelers for an adventurous swim on the ledge of the waterfall.

For more information read our Victoria Falls Guide read our Where’s Victoria Falls – Ultimate Victoria Falls Travel Guide: Zambia vs Zimbabwe

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Victoria Falls Tours

We offer Cape Town to Victoria Falls Adventure Packages which have been tailor-made. Our experienced Africa travel consultants have traveled through Zambia and Zimbabwe to find the best options for you. Options include camping and accommodated tour options to suit every travel style and budget. Let us guide you in finding the best trip to suit your unique needs.

Highlights include:

There are also many activities to enjoy at Victoria Falls. Either go river rafting in the mighty Zambezi River or challenge yourself with a bungee jump over the Falls. Additionally relax while enjoying leisure activities such as fishing or playing golf near the falls. Most importantly book a relaxing cruise on a houseboat and spot wildlife on the banks of the river.

Activities at Victoria Falls

Both the Zimbabwean, and the Zambian side offer once-in-a-lifetime experiences. You can access all of the below activities from either side. These popular experiences include:

  • A Helicopter or Microlight flight offers travelers the opportunity to view the falls from above and as a result you get a 360 degree perspective.
  • Bungee Jumping within the Victoria Falls National Park is an exhilarating experience. While not for the faint at heart, yet the surrounds are spectacular!
  • Sunset boat cruises on the Zambezi River are absolutely magnificent especially at sunset. Nothing beats the deep-orange African sunsets while  you’re cruising on the majestic river.
  • White water rafting on the Zambezi is an adrenaline-pumping activity for everyone. The Zambezi has some of the best rapids in the world and proves to be an eventful activity. 
  • Devil’s Pool on the Zambian side of the falls allows you swim practically on the edge of the majestic Victoria Falls. It’s a bucket list experience! 

Tips on travel to Victoria Falls

Our Cape Town to Victoria Falls packages are the most popular tours for good reason. They cover all the highlights of spectacular regions for budget conscious travelers to Africa. Travel between September and December when the river flow is at the perfect level allowing visitors a safe opportunity to swim a few feet from the edge as the water cascades over the falls.

You don’t need a guide to see the falls as it’s very easy to walk on the signposted paths. On the Zimbabwean side you pay $30 as an entrance fee, and on the Zambian side it’s $20.

If you travel during the rainy season prepare to get absolutely drenched. Buy a plastic poncho before you start your walk to see the falls and make sure that you cover your camera with a waterproof casing. Be very careful taking photos as you may think you’re in a dry spot until a sudden breeze brings a sheet of water over you like heavy rain!

Wear comfortable shoes, as the paths are slippery when wet. The best shoes to wear are sturdy hiking sandals. If you wear trainers or hiking shoes, your feet will get very wet!

Victoria Falls spans two countries namely Zambia and Zimbabwe. You can access the falls from either country, each of which has a tourist-friendly town right next to the falls.

Zimbabwe side of Victoria Falls

Many believe the Zimbabwean side has better and less obstructing view points than that of Zambia. This is due to the various paths that pass by Devil’s Cataract, Main Falls, Horseshoe Falls and Rainbow Falls.

This side is also known to offer year-round viewing regardless of whether you visit in high or low water season. The high water season which is between the months of February to July, offers spectacular sights. However, at times the pressure can be so intense that the mist from the water obstructs your full view of the falls.  

The Zimbabwean side also offers easier access to the renowned Livingstone Island which is where you will find Devil’s Pool however you can also access the pool from the Zambian side. The Devil’s Pool allows you to catch sight of the falls from above as you peer over the edge of the cliff. (Adventure junkies – this one’s for you!)

Zambian side of Victoria Falls

Zambia also offers breathtaking views, though it has fewer viewpoints. There are mixed opinions regarding which side offers better views however there is no definite answer.

The views from the Zambian side are largely dependent on the season. A visit during low season, which is from September to December, may be disappointing when the water is less intense. At times these is even no water at all in some sections! The peak of the high season which is from March to June is definitely the best time to visit the Zambian side, as you’re sure to see the best of the sights.

It is also worth noting that you are able to get a KAZA Uni-Visa which allows you to move from the Zimbabwean side across to the Zambian and vice versa. This visa allows multi crossings so you may move from one side to the other as many times as you wish while in the Victoria Falls National Park.

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