Great Feedback from Leela – 35 Day Nairobi to Victoria Falls

April 23, 2013

Hey Nicky

I just got back the other day from my 35 Day Nairobi to Cape Town camping trip.  Overall had a great time.  My guide Mwangi, driver Steve and cook Franco were phenomenal (I gained 8 pounds partially from Franco’s cooking partially cause beer is the same price as water).

I would definitely recommend them to anyone considering doing one of these trips. I had a few near meltdowns when some of my loan payments had not gone through and when my air-mattress sprung a leak.  Mwangi did a great job calming me down and helping me out.  The camping got tiring at times and I can’t tell you how glad I was to have a shower with hot water for as long as I wanted with with no spiders :)   Luckily we did occasionally have “upgrade” opportunities so i spent more nights than i expected in a bed (dorm for $6 more, yes please) and Yes I made it out of the DRC fine!!

I did get to meet up with Reka and Josh as well in Victoria Falls.  In fact there tour group and guide Andre kinda adopted me the last 3 days which was really nice of them.

Thank you once again!

Leela Sirotkin

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