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Africa is sometimes mysterious, enthralling and confusing to travellers who have not visited this beautiful continent – we’re here to unravel and demystify African travel by answering all your questions.

If you have travelled to Africa before, then you’re in luck. We know all the secrets and gems, so you have come to the right place to refine your search for the adventure of a lifetime!

Travel is Life Changing

Naturally Africa gets you in touch with your roots, the heartbeat of mother nature, but more than that it certainly gets you in touch with yourself. You’ll have the opportunity to get back to basics and really take stock of your life and truly lean into being grateful for the parts that bring you joy and get clarity on the elements that you might be looking to change.

Since we have each experienced this effect on our own lives, we have taken great joy in helping others find the same adventure, clarity and freedom for themselves which is why we have one purpose…

To Change Lives!

Our African Travel Experts

Let us answer all your burning questions about Africa and share our key insights into what you can expect on your African Adventure. Experience our passion and energy, garnered from over 20 years of traveling in Africa – we’re here to help! READ MORE ABOUT US


Tammy was an overland guide for 7 years. Since joining AOT in 2016, she has helped over 1,000 travelers and has visited 23 African countries.


Nicky was one of the first ever female guides on overland tours and has helped over 3,300 travelers since joining AOT in 2008. She’s visited 16 African countries.


Chemone has visited 12 African countries and has summited Kilimanjaro, trekked with Gorillas in Uganda and hot air ballooned over the Masai Mara in Kenya.


Huntley has helped over 3,000 travelers during his time at AOT. His passion is exploring mountains and has visited 25 African countries.

Let’s Change Lives Together

You may have the ability to seek out new adventures, to explore new horizons but bear in mind that this privilege of freedom of movement is one we easily take for granted.

We have partnered up with a cause close to our hearts giving kids throughout Africa the opportunity to feel the grass underfoot, get outside and explore. For every seat booked on tour, we pledge $5 to FREEDOM WALKERS, a South African initiative changing lives by providing kids the ability to escape the wheelchair and walk upright for the first time.

Join in the movement, be the change.

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