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Nomad Tours Africa Adventure

Nomad Tours are the epitome of friendship, fun and ultimately – Adventure. With 16+ years of experience offering authentic African adventures, Nomad Tours are well-planned and executed.

Their 40 scheduled departures a month, ensure you get a seat on your adventure like no other. While traveling the length and breadth of Africa, Nomad Tours explore the popular and more remote regions of Southern and East Africa.

Why book a Nomad Tour in Africa?

As one of the largest adventure tour operators in Africa, Nomad Africa are 100% African owned and managed. Their operations and guides have a finger on the pulse, so you won’t skip a beat while on tour.

Your Nomad Tour will show you the true meaning of Fun and Adventure as you discover Africa through the eyes of the locals either camping or traveling on an accommodated tour. Not surprisingly, Nomad have extended their innovation and passion in Africa by being the only overland operator offering accommodated tours in East Africa. Always ensuring value for money, your Nomad Africa tour will not disappoint your bucketlist nor your budget!

Grab a seat on your journey in Africa suitable for travelers of varying ages (16+ years) and choose your group size of 12 or up to 24 fellow travelers.

Explore Africa in one of their custom-built vehicles from cosmopolitan cities such as Cape Town or Nairobi, along bustling roads or roads less traveled. Let them take you to the top of Dune 45 in Namibia or deep into the rocky Fish River Canyon. Get lost in the coconut plantations of Mozambique, only to find yourself in the forests of Uganda. They will be by your side when you catch first sight of a rhino and introduce you to the unforgettable flavors of an African braai. Discover what over 65 000 travelers have grown to seek and love about adventures in Africa with Nomad.

Top Nomad Adventure Tours in Africa:

  • 41 Day Cape Town to Nairobi Overland Adventure (Comfort) Safari
  • Mokoro
  • victoria falls tours to cape town
  • Mokoro Botswana

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  • 58 Day Nairobi to Cape Town Overland (Comfort) Overland
  • Spitzkoppe namibia
  • 44 Day Johannesburg to Nairobi Overland Adventure (Comfort) Tour
  • 44 Day Johannesburg to Nairobi Overland Adventure (Comfort) Tour
  • Spitzkoppe namibia
  • Dar es salaam
  • 41 Day Nairobi to Cape Town Overland (Comfort) Overland
  • 44 Day Johannesburg to Nairobi Overland Adventure (Comfort) Tour