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Budget Serengeti Safaris Tours

Alan Moorehead rightly said, “Anyone who can go to the Serengeti, and does not, is mad.”

Let the world swallow you up while you just sit back and watch herds of wildebeest sweep by you. You would think you’ve been captured in a clichéd postcard while on your African overland safari.

Serengeti means ‘the place where the land moves on forever’. Annually about 250 000 zebras migrate from the Masai Mara to the south following the rains. Amazingly, nothing can hold them back. Not even the barbed wire fence that was erected in the early 1960s when the government tried to stop the animals from moving into Ngorongoro. These animals have been migrating for thousands of years.

The Serengeti also has abundant bird life with over 500 species. Other animals you may see on your game drive include hyena, hartebeest and buffalo.

Serengeti safaris offer both day and night game drives. You will be blown away by the opportunities to spot wildlife in this beautiful landscape. As dusk falls and predators come out to hunt, hold your breath while you witness the kill.

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Why go to the Serengeti?

The reserve offers year round game viewing along with very comfortable temperatures. The Serengeti National Park in Tanzania is one of Africa’s greatest wildernesses. Offering one of the ultimate safari experience.

As the world’s largest protected grassland, it’s made up of vast savanna plains and forests. It’s especially well known for its predators which boast lions, leopards, cheetahs and hyenas.

The Serengeti is spectacular at any time of year, however the highlight is the wildebeest migration. This is when millions of animals including zebra cross from the Serengeti into the Masai Mara in Kenya and later return to the Serengeti. This time of year is also the calving season when baby animals are born. The Migration generally begins in November following the rains in this region, the herds move from the neighbouring Masai Mara and head south into the Serengeti. Although, in August the herds cross back into the Masai Mara.

By visiting this UNESCO World Heritage site you are assisting in contributing towards the sustainability of the country’s economy and protection of the reserve which supports the annual migration of these beautiful animals.

How to travel to the Serengeti on a budget

The Serengeti is a pretty expensive safari destination, with park fees costing $50 per person per day. Additional costs of $30 per vehicle and $30 per tent. Unlike other African parks, such as Kruger National Park and the Masai Mara, the Serengeti does not have many accommodation options. The lodges in the reserve are pricey with some charging thousands of dollars a night.

However, you can still travel to the Serengeti on a budget. This is possible on an overland trip. We offer a number of budget safaris to the Serengeti where you stay in the park’s campsites. These include our epic 58-day Nairobi to Cape Town overland tour (which covers most of the highlights of east and southern Africa) as well as shorter trips like the 12-day Kenya and Tanzania budget safari or the 10-day highlights of Tanzania budget safari. You can browse more of our budget Serengeti safaris here.

Best time to go to the Serengeti?

October through to July is the best time to go to the Serengeti as this is normally when the wildebeest migration occurs. The weather in the Serengeti is generally comfortable all year round however you can experience short rains during Oct and November and again in  March and April.

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