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If you’re up for a true African adventure, book yourself a n overland safari through the majestic country describe by Winston Churchill as ‘the Pearl of Africa’, and explore the marvels of Uganda! Whether you decide on a cheaper, budget safari, or a more comforted and luxurious tour, you are sure to experience some of the most incredible things this exquisite region has to offer.

This land of greenery offers one activity that almost goes unrivalled – a gorilla trek through the mountains of Bwindi National Park. This reserve is the most well-known of the country, and adventurers are known to travel great distances just to experience an activity as unique as a Uganda Gorilla Safari. The gorilla population here is about 340, which shockingly already makes up half of all mountain gorillas in the entire world, so any visit here is a special experience of a lifetime that leaves you with unforgettable memories.

Spend time on your overland safari visiting the popular Lake Victoria, which is one of the most well-known Great African Lakes, as well as the world’s second biggest freshwater lake. This lake also acts as the source of the Nile River, boasting scenery made up of tropical forests and snow-capped mountain ranges that support all different kinds of animals and bird species.

One of the highlights of any Uganda safari is the Entebbe and Ngamba Chimp Island – a chimpanzee sanctuary on an eco-friendly island, established to care for abandoned chimps in a safe and protected natural rainforest environment.

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There are various types of tours to choose from. These tours are not exclusive to but do include Uganda:

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