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Fun-filled Family Safaris

In South Africa

Family safaris are great opportunities to get your children away from the big screen, computers and their cellphones. It is a time for children to explore nature, find new passions and breathe in some fresh air. It is of course also a great time for the family to bond and relax together without the hustle and bustle of life’s daily chores.

Some safaris cater especially for children, but even those that don’t will have activities for children to partake in, such as learning interesting facts about our natural resources, unique games drives specifically aimed at children, pooh safaris, fishing trips, baking, birding, learning how to track animals and collecting pods and seeds that they can watch grow. Of course, with the abundance of beaches scattered around SA, there is so much swimming, sand castle making and shell collecting for your children to partake in. Please check beforehand with the lodges what ages they cater for.

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In Tanzania and Kenya

Tanzania and Kenya are magnificent places to go on safaris as the cultures and open grasslands offer an abundance of wildlife for all to enjoy. There are day excursions to the Masai village who are a colourful and friendly tribe still happily living their lives and continuing their traditions. This opens up a whole new world for your children to experience and learn from. Children can learn about the food they eat, how they live off of the land and even learn how to make a bow and arrow, or ropes using the natural resources that surround them.

Lodges for children in Tanzania and Kenya:

– Selous Safari Company

– Vuma Hills Tented Camp

South Luangwa Wildlife Camp

In Namibia

Take your children to explore the desert and the unusual animals that survive in these harsh conditions. They will appreciate the beauty and endless open places and sand dunes they can run along. Bushman still live out their lives here and there is so much one can learn from them through games, foraging for food and water and stalking small animals, all under the safety and protection of a trained guide. Of course the most spectacular event is when the sun disappears, and the stars start to pop out. Lie with your family and star gaze, looking for shapes, and making up stories of galaxies far away.

Lodges for children in Namibia:

– Eningulu Lodge, Kalahari Desert

Onguma Bush Lodge, Etosha

Ongava Lodge, Etosha

Doro Nawas Camp, Damaraland

Also please see Ker & Downey Young Explorers

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