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10 Fascinating Facts about Botswana

Calm, enchanting, natural, magnificent and exclusive; just a few words that perfectly describe the country of Botswana. While we can speak about this incredible destination for hours, we thought detailing the fascinating facts about Botswana would give you a pretty clear idea of just how unique it is. Visit the magical landscapes of Botswana with […]

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rhino namibia

Tips on How to Play your Part in Wildlife Conservation

As we know, Africa is deeply immersed in wildlife and the continent prides itself on being home to some of the world’s most rare species. In recent years there’s been an increased need for wildlife conservation efforts, as there are many species on the brink of extinction if their safety is not prioritised. Recently one […]

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soussesvlei dunes

The Most Instagrammed Destinations in Africa

In this digital age, almost all of us use social media (and almost all of us are photographers too). We look for ways to improve our photography skills, and we yearn for that picture perfect moment that’ll bring with it the ultimate opportunity to get a few incredible shots which we can share with our […]

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Nelson Mandela

Celebrate South Africa’s ‘Mandela Day’ Like a Local

Nelson Mandela ‘Tata Madiba’ Every year on the 18th of July, Nelson Mandela’s birthday; South Africans come together to celebrate the selfless works of the greatest leader we have known, whom we call ‘Tata Madiba’. A leader who gave up his life for his country, and fought for a free and fair South Africa for […]

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Gorilla Uganda

All You Need to Know About Gorilla Trekking in Uganda

I think we can all agree that life is about learning, exploring and broadening our horizons. Life is about creating memories, experiencing the unknown and being proactive. With so many once-in-a-lifetime experiences and extraordinary encounters, we can say for sure that Africa certainly gives one the opportunity to spread their wings, broaden their perspectives and […]

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Cape Town Tours - Table Mountain

Africa’s Bustling Cities: The Must Do’s while You’re Visiting

A large part of Africa may be pretty ‘deserted’, with the only inhabitants being that of wildlife. However, Africa is also known for some of the world’s most gorgeous, cosmopolitan cities. Some cities are also known to be the fastest growing economies in the world, and others have even been recognised internationally for their immense […]

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kruger and coast

Famous Reviews of Africa that’ll make you want to visit ASAP

Africa has touched the hearts of many. The simple way of life, the friendly people, the many fascinating cultures, the wildlife, the natural beauty – it amazes visitors, and most will say that their African adventure will forever be ingrained in their hearts and minds. Some of the most famous people in the world have […]

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Small Group Safari through Tanzania and Kenya

Wildlife Encounters in Africa: The Best Places to Visit

You’re most-likely already aware that Africa is densely populated in wildlife. Some of the world’s most coveted wildlife species call Africa home. Luckily, many parts of the continent have been left untouched so as not to disturb the natural ecosystems, and preserve the life that live off the lands. One is able to visit these […]

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planning for your africa adventure

Preparing for an African Adventure: The Ultimate Guide

Planning, packing and preparing for an African overland tour is a lot different to that of a normal trip. This is because Africa is about adventure! You’ll find yourself doing extraordinary things that’ll demand appropriate clothing, travel gear and accessories; and you’ll need to consider the travel requirements of certain countries. If you’re unsure of […]

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