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Bronwyn’s Fear of the Bush

I blame my fear of the bush on growing up in a quiet suburban town where only squirrel’s and doves disturb the tranquillity. It’s not that I am afraid of animals, I’m just not used to them being in my backyard! After all squirrel’s and doves are predictable, bull elephants are not. I’m also used […]

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When Animals Attacked, and Humans Survived…

Paul Templer After serving in the British Army for years and travelling the globe in pursuit of adventure and excitement, Paul Templer decided to make his native Zimbabwe his permanent home, where he became a river guide. When he was out on a routine tour, Templer was guiding a group of tourists down the Zambezi […]

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This Week’s Quirkiest Animal: The Bushbaby (Galagos)

These cute little animals are native to Africa and are part of the family Galagidae. Galagos are nocturnal creatures with big bulbous eyes and cry like a baby (hence their nickname) when they are distressed or to heed off danger. With excellent night vision, agile limbs and long tails for balance they move quickly through […]

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Edible Insects in Africa

This may ‘creep’ you out a bit, but eating insects has become a viable option in many different cultures. For example, in the northern provinces – Limpopo, North-West, Mpumalanga and Gauteng eating edible insects in Africa has become quite a delicacy. Some of the insects up for grabs are mopane worms, locusts, bees, termites and edible […]

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This Week’s Quirkiest Animal: The Elephant Shrew

These elephant shrew are native to Africa and are closely related to elephants. They can be found almost anywhere, from the Namib desert to dense forests in Africa. Elephant shrews are small, and look like rodents with elongated snouts (like elephants) and long legs for their size. They tend to hop around like rabbits and have […]

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This Week’s Quirkiest Animal: The Aardvark

The aardvark is unique to sub-saharan Africa and is the only living species of the Afrotherian mammals, as the rest are extinct. Fossils from the aardvark date back to 5 million years ago and have been found in Europe and Asia. It is also known as an ‘African antbear’, ‘anteater’ or the ‘Cape anteater’. ‘Aardvark’ […]

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