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A Guide to Making the Most of Your Mozambican Adventure

What could possibly be better than an African getaway which ticks all the boxes; including thrilling adventure, lazy beach days, authentic excursions AND wildlife sightings? There couldn’t be anything much better, right? If you’re wondering which African destination offers all this (and more) it’s, in fact, an island situated just off the coast of southern […]

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Tofo beach, Mozambique

Mozambique’s best beaches and islands

With a coastline stretching more than 2500 kilometres and dozens of islands, Mozambique has some of the best beaches and islands. From popular beach resorts full of families and watersports and deserted beaches you can have all to yourself, to tiny islands with only one place to stay, Mozambique has something to offer everyone. While you […]

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Why go on a Walking Safari in Africa?

A walking safari is so different to staying in a lodge in the bush. A lot of lodges offer ‘walking safaris’ which are great, but if you are looking for a more engaging bush experience then a 4 or 5 day walking safari could be for you. On a walking safari the place you end […]

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What Electrical Plugs are used in Southern and East Africa?

When you’re travelling through Africa, technology should be the least of your worries. However, you do need things like your cellphones and cameras to keep in touch and to capture special moments during your unforgettable trip. To be prepared for charging your devices, you should be aware of what types of plugs the different electric […]

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Places to stay in Mozambique

Azura offers a brilliant range of top-market luxury accommodation units. Here, guests can enjoy all the creature comforts you could expect from a deluxe boutique resort, accented by locally sourced beams and traditional artwork beneath a thatched jekka roof.  Each suite is just a couple of steps away from the beach, but at the same […]

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Hiking in Mozambique

Mt Namuli, at a height of 2,419 metres, rises up from the hills around 15 kilometres northeast of Gurue. It is here that the Licungo and Malema Rivers run. The mountain makes for a picturesque, but rather challenging hike. The mountain is considered a sacred site by the local Makua folk, so while climbing is […]

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Experience the Culture of Mozambique

Language and Religion The best way to experience the culture of Mozambique is to discover more about their languages and religion. The official language spoken in Mozambique is Portuguese, but there are over 40 different languages and dialects that originate from the Bantu family. Mozambicans are mainly Christian, Roman Catholic and Protestant. There are a […]

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Bazaruto Island, Mozambique

Bazaruto, or in Portuguese Ilha do Bazaruto from Ushurutswa meaning ‘island of the mist’, is a sandy island situated around 80 kilometres southeast of the mouth of the Save River in Mozambique. It is the biggest island in the entire Bazaruto Archipelago, as well as…
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Praia Do Tofo, Mozambique

Praia do Tofo, or just ‘Tofo’, is a tiny town and huge tourist attraction located in south-eastern Mozambique. The town is situated on the coast of the Indian Ocean, on Ponto do Barra peninsula in the Inhambane Province of Jangamo. It is just 22 kilometres…
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Also known as ‘Terre de Boa Gente’ meaning ‘Land of Good People’, the city of Inhambane is situated in southern Mozambique on Imhambane Bay, 470 kilometres northeast of Maputo. It is the Inhambane Province’s capital and as of 2008, had a recorded population of almost…
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