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Meet Gerry the Giraffe…a new addition to the African Overland Family. With a ginormous sense of adventure for fun and freedom, I am also an encyclopaedia of general knowledge for the travelling community. I am here to answer all your questions or confusions about what it is like to go on an African overland adventure. So if you have any questions or mere hesitations, why not drop me a line. I will be as refreshing as the Victoria Falls, as wise as an old owl, as honest as a bungee cord and as helpful as a bushman in the…um… bush.

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When is the Best Time to go on an African Safari?

The answer to “When is the best time to go on an African Safari?” is simple – anytime of the year! The highlight of any African safari is to enjoy the wildlife, beautiful scenery, meet the locals and experience the white sandy beaches. The Winter months (June to October) offers the best game viewing throughout […]

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Southern Africa vs Europe

Just how big is Southern Africa compared to Europe?

One of the biggest challenges we have is explaining how far things are in Africa. Doing a classic Cape Town to Victoria Falls tour is an amazing experience but definitely not for the faint hearted. It is an adventure that covers vast distances but at the same time takes you to places that are so […]

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How many species of lions are there?

There is actually only one species – the Panthera leo, however, there are several sub-species of lions which you may not know about. So when you head off on your African safari, read up about the various species and have a look at the photographs below to make sure you know which ones you will […]

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How do I Save for a Holiday?

It’s easy, just stop spending!! Well, we all know that is easier said than done, but it is possible to put money away every month by sacrificing and taking a few short cuts that will help you to save. There are many ways to save, and here are 12 Top Tips on how to do […]

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What is Voluntourism?

Many travellers don’t only want to go on a safari trip, they also want to experience Africa with all its highs and lows. They want to get involved on a personal level and this is what Voluntourism is all about. The wonderful attribute about Voluntourism is that any one, at any age can get involved. […]

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Is it Safe for a Woman to Travel Alone in South Africa?

Many women enjoy travelling on their own to expand their horizons and boost their self-confidence, in fact 60% of travellers who travel on their own are women! Of course you may be ‘on your own’, but you will not be ALONE because you will have other travellers with you and guides and crew to assist […]

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What is an Overland Tour?

In a nutshell, it is an unforgettable African overland experience for anyone young at heart, has an open-mind and a sense of adventure! They are also tours that cross over from Southern Africa to East Africa, thus combining two regions. These are adventure tours perfect for people who enjoy camping and the outdoors. You get […]

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Will I be safe on a Safari in Africa?

As a traveller, no matter where you are going, if you use sensible precautions and follow some basic safety tips, you will be safe. – Crime is everywhere so one needs to constantly be aware of your possessions and whereabouts. – Keep your valuables hidden by means of a money belt or in the safe […]

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What Types of Vehicles are used on an African Overland Safari?

There are two types of vehicles used – Custom built adventure overland vehicles (i.e. overland trucks or safari midi-bus) and smaller East African safari vehicles (i.e. land cruiser or mini-bus). Each vehicle is uniquely designed to travel comfortably and safely, on varying types of African road conditions. The vehicles are fully serviced and well-maintained before […]

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What Spices come from Tanzania?

Few people know that Tanzania grows numerous aromatic and exotic spices, even though it has a nickname of ‘The Spice Island’. Some of the spices Tanzania is known for are nutmeg; cloves; cinnamon; black, white and green pepper; ginger; chillies; cardamom and turmeric. So when you visit be sure to go on the ‘Spice Tour’, […]

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