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Watch a Film Beneath the Stars in Cape Town

I had the pleasure of visiting a Galileo Open Air Cinema for the first time, and I was extremely impressed. I bought tickets for a 19h30 showing of Slumdog Millionaire at Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens, and arrived with a homemade picnic (including the likes of gourmet burgers, potato wedges, chocolate chip cookies, and of course, wine). At the entrance to the Gardens you will have to show proof of your ticket purchase (or buy your own ticket right there and then if it isn’t already sold out), after which you are offered the option to rent out blankets and chairs for a nominal fee (which I highly recommend). After entering the Gardens, I made my way down to the huge, manicured lawn, and picked out a prime viewing spot.

After arranging my own blankets from home and setting up my little picnic area, I walked over to the area where chair/blanket coupons are exchanged for my floor backrest (which provided easy comfort), and my super warm and fluffy blanket. Taking the items back to my spot, I enjoyed a glass of wine while listening to the various conversations happening around me, and watching other groups of friends and family nestle into their own spots. As soon as the night fell, the movie began with an announcement first, asking everyone to respect their fellow audience members by not being too loud, and the venue by picking up surrounding rubbish after the show. Having been told stories by my mom about how exciting drive-in cinemas were back in the day, I was thrilled to be watching an outdoor movie for the first time – it did not disappoint. The concept is brilliant, and it is executed fantastically, with top-quality staff and film/audio equipment. The whole of Slumdog Millionaire was subsequently enjoyed in peace under a blanket of stars, with the other 100 or so people watching along with me, and I can honestly say I thoroughly enjoyed the event and will be heading back for more soon.

What’s best about the Galileo Open Air Cinemas is that there are three of them – all of which show different films on different days, with no re-runs. Tuesdays take place in Durbanville at the Hillcrest Quarry, Wednesdays at the Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens, and Thursdays at the V&A Waterfront (on the old croquet lawn that very few people even know exists above the Portswood Parking lot). Set against some of the most beautiful backdrops Cape Town has to offer, the Galileo Open Air Cinema hosts timeless classics beneath the stars.

Keep in mind that there is a fantastic selection of fine food vendors at each location, offering cuisine to please all types of palates – from sandwiches, salads, pies, paellas, pizza and Prego rolls, to nachos, popcorn and coke, pastries, iced coffees, beer, and more! Be sure to bring cash along as no credit cards are accepted. With so much to offer for such a reasonable price, the Galileo Open Air Cinema is sure to take Cape Town by storm, as it has already been doing since it opened its doors in November, 2012. So grab tickets for your favourite film, bring friends, family and smiles along, and have a look for yourself at what all the fuss is about – you are bound to be enchanted.

Please note that they are CLOSED for the Winter!

Please visit their website for more details.

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