Cape Town to Victoria Falls Tours

Cape Town to Victoria Falls Tours offer an incredible adventure as you explore Southern Africa highlights. Travel from cosmopolitan Cape Town, crossing into Namibia exploring it’s desert landscapes and Etosha National Park before entering Botswana where you experience large elephant herds and meandering waterways. Lastly, the ultimate highlight as you end your trip at the majestic Victoria Falls.

Your Cape to Vic tour covers the incredibly diverse landscape of Africa and takes you on memorable wildlife game drives and walking safaris. This overland route is our favourite as it covers the best regions both remote and well travelled within Southern Africa.

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  • Cape Town to Victoria Falls Comfort Tour inclusive in nature and full of adventure.

Some of the highlights on your Cape Town to Victoria Falls Adventure will include:

What to expect when travelling on an overland between Cape Town and Victoria Falls:

If you book a camping tour you will stay in comfortable, well-equipped campsites offering all you need to rest after an adventurous day. For travellers needing a bit of comfort the Cape to Victoria Falls route also offers accommodated packages.

Some of the activities you can enjoy along your tour include canoeing on the Orange River, hiking up Dune 45, experiencing bushmen tribal dancing or just relaxing under the African starry night sky. This route also offers some of the best wildlife viewing in numerous National Parks and reserves, perfect for capturing the Big Five on camera.

Watch this video to get a taste of what your Adventure through Africa on a Cape to Victoria Falls tour will entail.

Nonsense – Africa from Little Bear Films on Vimeo. Filmed while travelling on Cape to Vic Falls Tour

Frequently Asked Questions About Cape Town to Victoria Falls Tours:

How far is Cape Town from Victoria Falls?

An overland tour through South Africa, Namibia, Botswana and Zimbabwe travels from the Cape to Victoria Falls over 19 days. You can also choose to travel for longer, giving you more time to explore each destination while on tour. The longest Cape Town to Zimbabwe/ Zambia tour is 36 days and includes Kruger Park and Mozambique.

How much does it cost to go to Victoria Falls from Cape Town?

Your overland tour from Cape Town to Vic falls will cost between R14 625 and R67 826 depending on whether you choose to camp or stay accommodated on a large or small group tour.

Do you have to pay to see Victoria Falls?

Yes, there is a standard fee of $30 which is payable whether you are viewing the falls from Zimbabwe or Zambia. If you are a passport holder from a SADC country you will only pay the reduced fee of $20.

What is the best time to visit Victoria Falls?

The months of February to May are the best to visit Victoria Falls as this is soon after the rainy season so the water flow is at the highest.

Is it safe to visit Victoria Falls Zimbabwe?

Yes it is certainly safe to visit Victoria Falls. Around 1 million travelers visit Victoria Falls every year. There is always safety in numbers which we why recommend you opt for group travel in Africa as it is the safest way to explore Southern and East Africa.

What can you do in Victoria Falls?

Victoria Falls is an adventure travelers delight offer white water rafting on the Zambezi, sunset boat cruises, guided trips to Devil’s Pool, Bungee Jumping and many more exciting adventures.

What is special about Victoria Falls?

Victoria Falls is the largest waterfall on earth. It is also one of the 7 Natural Wonders of the World and forms the lifeblood of Zimbabwe and Zambia.

Which is bigger Niagara or Victoria Falls?

Victoria Falls is double the height as well as half a kilometer wider than Niagara Falls.

Do I need malaria tablets for Victoria Falls?

Antimalarials are advised for travelers visiting Victoria Falls as Zimbabwe is a high risk for malaria all year round.

Is Victoria Falls in Zambia or Zimbabwe?

The answer is it is in both countries. You can access Victoria Falls from Zambia or Zimbabwe and there is a bridge over the falls connecting the two countries which you can walk across.

Do you need a visa to visit Victoria Falls?

You can obtain a KAZA visa on entry to Zimbabwe or Zambia at the fee of $50 which will allow you entry into both countries for a period of 30 days.


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