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Ruckomechi Camp, Zimbabwe

Situated in Mana Pools National Park, Zimbabwe, Ruckomechi Camp offers ten spacious en-suite tents to visitors, including a honeymoon suite – all of which overlook the mighty Zambezi River. Each tent comes with both indoor and outdoor showers. The main dining area, bar, library, and lounge areas look out onto the escarpment. The environmental impact of Ruckomechi Camp is lessened by low-level walkways and solar power used throughout the entire camp. There is a separate veranda with an infinity pool for swimming and sunbathing at leisure, as well as a comfortable star-gazing deck strewn with pillows.

Mana Pools National Park is located in the centre of the Zambezi Valley – an isolated, stunning area with phenomenal vistas. The area is home to big populations of buffalo and elephant, whilst predators such as lion, wild dog, leopard, and cheetah are commonly spotted. Greater kudu, Burchell’s zebra, impala, warthog and common waterbuck can be sighted on the surrounding plains, and the grunting sounds of hippo can be heard throughout the day. Birdlife here is excellent, with various local species such as collared palm-thrush and racket-tailed roller.

Ruckochemi Camp is heaven for photographers, offering incredible sights by vehicle, on boat or on foot. Game drives in the early morning or early evening are conducted in 7-seater open Land Rovers, providing guests with a marvelous coffee break or sundowner at a picturesque spot. Cruises down this length of the Zambezi River take place in 9-seater pontoons or 6-seater speed boats. For those seeking a more adventurous ride, canoes are also available. The river and seasonal pans draw in big concentrations of water birds and other wildlife, which make for fantastic sight-seeing.

Nature walks through this remarkably beautiful and isolated region is an exquisite experience. On foot, guests can explore Mana Pools National Park to its full potential, as well as gain an incredible close-up encounter with nature. Catch-and-release fishing is permitted in the Park, but is subject to the availability of boats and comes at an additional cost. Guests wishing to partake in this must also use their own fishing gear. Birding is another wonderful way to spend time here, with local species that include three-banded courser, western banded snake-eagle, Arnot’s chat, green-capped eremomela, African golden oriole, Lilian’s lovebird, Böhm’s spinetail and Meve’s starling.

There are various conservation initiatives that have been implemented in Zimbabwe, made specifically to address prominent threats to the survival of wildlife in the region, and Mana Pools National Park is no exception. Rukomechi Camp helps in gathering data for the Cheetah Conservation Project of Zimbabwe. This foundation conducts population surveys to discover where cheetahs occur, their population sizes, and the challenges they face in the country as a species. Data collection in Mana Pools National Park aids the Painted Dog Conservation Project, which looks at the population status of wild dog in Zimbabwe, as well as the human/wild dog conflict. Its goal is to protect and increase the range and population of wild dog through careful research, education and community involvement.


* Game drives

* River cruises

* Nature walks

* Catch-and-release fishing

* Fantastic birding oppurtunities

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