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How to get Cheap Flights with Google Flights Hack

We have been using this hack for a while now and testing out if it can truly save money and the answer is definitely YES.

To use Google Flights effectively and take advantage of its features, you can follow these steps as a “hack”


  1. Visit the Google Flights website Open your web browser and go to www.google.com/flights.
  2. There is another MEGA TIP, if you have a VPN use it. Sometimes setting up your home city as a 3rd world country, like South Africa or Thailand allows for you to obtain lower prices.
  3. Enter your search details On the Google Flights homepage, enter your departure city or airport in the “From” field and your destination in the “To” field. Select the travel dates, number of passengers, and class of travel (economy, business, etc.).
  4. Explore flexible dates and destinations Click on the calendar icon to view a price graph that shows flight prices for different dates. This feature allows you to compare prices over a range of dates and identify the most cost-effective travel days.
  5. Utilize the “Explore” feature If you’re open to various destinations, click on the “Explore” map icon located below the destination field. This will display a map with prices for different destinations. You can adjust the price range and filter options to find affordable flights to various locations.
  6. Set up price alerts If you have flexible travel plans or are waiting for prices to drop, set up price alerts by clicking on the “Track prices” toggle button. You’ll receive email notifications when the prices for your selected flights change.
  7. Filter and refine your search Use the filters on the left-hand side of the page to narrow down your search results based on preferred airlines, stops, flight duration, and more. This can help you find flights that meet your specific requirements.
  8. Compare prices and airlines Google Flights provides a list of available flights along with prices from various airlines. Compare the prices, flight durations, layovers, and other details to make an informed decision.
  9. Explore additional features Google Flights offers additional features such as a flight “Tips” section that provides suggestions for cheaper flights and alternative airports. You can also view baggage fees and seat availability information.
  10. Click through to book Once you find a flight that suits your preferences, click on the flight option to be redirected to the airline or travel agency’s website for booking. Follow the prompts to complete your reservation.
  11. Monitor price fluctuations Even after booking, keep an eye on the flight prices. If the price drops significantly, some airlines allow you to cancel and rebook within a certain timeframe, potentially saving you money.

Remember that Google Flights is a search engine and does not handle the actual booking process. It directs you to the airline or travel agency’s website for finalizing your reservation.


  1. Can I book flights directly through Google Flights?
    • No, Google Flights redirects you to the airline or travel agency’s website for booking.
  2. Is it better to book far in advance or last minute?
    • Generally, booking a few weeks in advance is advisable, but last-minute deals can also be found.
  3. Does Google Flights show budget airlines?
    • Yes, it includes options from a wide range of airlines, including budget carriers.
  4. Can I use Google Flights for international travel?
    • Absolutely! Google Flights is great for both domestic and international travel.
  5. Is there a best day of the week to book flights?
    • While there’s no universal best day, mid-week is often cheaper than weekends.

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