Kenya Safari Tours

Kenya is one Africa’s finest gems, showcasing a massive array of diverse wildlife. African Overland Tours offer you a choice of accommodated or camping Kenya Safari Tours while allowing you to experience this incredible country.

Kenya Safari Tour Highlights

Kenya is renowned for offering its travelers some of the most phenomenal game-viewing opportunities in the world. It’s in this magnificent region that you can also find the Masai Mara National Reserve which is one of the most popular game parks in the world.

Select a shorter budget Kenya safari tours that lasts for around four days, allowing you time to explore the Masai Mara. Also go in search of Africa’s Big Five and witness marvelous Lake Nakuru where thousands of flamingos gather to form a pink fringe around the water’s edge. Alternatively choose to extend your stay in Kenya with a longer overland package or tour. Thereby covering several different countries with the chance to include the experience a remarkable gorilla safari in Uganda.

Kenya Safari Tours

Why book Kenya Safari Tours?

Perhaps one of the greatest things about East Africa is that it never has an ‘off-season’. Instead you will have exquisite opportunities to view game which are abundant throughout the whole year. When booking your Kenyan safari, keep in mind it is busiest in the dry season from May to August.

For the ultimate adventure safari be sure not to miss the Great Migration which typically runs from July through to October. Witness millions of animals including wildebeest, gazelles along with buck and zebra. They embark on an epic adventure from the Serengeti National Park in Tanzania towards the greener pastures of the Masai Mara. This event is now deemed one of the world’s Seven New Wonders and has been become known as the World Cup of Wildlife.

Safari tours through Kenya allow for plenty of animal sightings from crocodiles patiently waiting to strike as the animals cross deep rivers or spot big cats chasing down prey. Visit Lake Naivasha where you are bound to be introduced to plenty of pelican, herons and cormorants. Grab the opportunity to spot an African Fish Eagle if luck is on your side!

As with all of our safaris, you have the choice of budget safaris or comfort tour packages. Either stay in highly rated lodges, hotels and chalets or have the opportunity to get close to animals while camping. Undoubtedly a tour through Kenya will leave your soul feeling rejuvenated. From the thriving city of Nairobi to the stunning Great Rift Valley, Kenya will certainly astound you with breathtaking memories.

Plan Kenya Safari Tours

To start planning your adventure, contact one of our consultants or browse our range of Kenyan safari packages online.

There are a wide range of different types of safari packages in Kenya to choose from.

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