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Southern Africa is an incredibly unique and remarkable region in Africa, offering travellers a sense of wander and enchantment through a land of striking landscapes filled with wildlife. Namibia in particular is a fascinating country; situated between the enormous Kalahari Desert and the South Atlantic coastline, it is well-known for its vast and varying landscapes. Namibia camping safaris offer you the opportunity to explore this fascinating region in comfort, without affecting your wallet too much.

Camping tours in Namibia showcase the best that the country has to offer, including the marvellous Etosha National Park, which offers marvellous game-viewing and renowned massive salt pans that turn into thriving waterholes after the rainy seasons. The capital of Windhoek is another place you’ll visit during your Namibia camping safari holiday, as well as the impressive Namib Desert, which is famous for its enormous red sand dunes that include some of the highest in all of Africa.

Adrenaline junkies will love Swakopmund, which offers plenty of heart-pumping activities across the sands of the desert, such as skydiving, sandboarding, quad biking and more. Your Namibian accommodated tour allows you the chance to explore the Skeleton Coast, where shipwrecks dot the shores.

Visit the Namib-Naukluft National Park for some breathtaking vistas, and Sossusvlei to witness the salt and clay pan surrounded by towering red dunes. Damaraland is also included in most Namibia safari packages, where photographic opportunities are rife. The landscapes here are beautifully dramatic, with red-hued mountains, huge rocky hills, and vast, sandy plains.

Safari camps in Namibia are wonderful, if you opt for a Namibia accommodated budget safari. Otherwise, expect lush comfort every evening throughout your adventure vacation, which is bound to leave you with a wealth of unforgettable memories.

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