Our Values

The values of the African Overlands Team

African Overland Tours Team

What makes our team AWESOME

1. Entrepreneurship:

  • Dedicated: I am devoted to the role I fulfil in the AOT team
  • Passion: I am emotionally invested in my own and the companies success while inspiring others
  • Enthusiasm: I am eager to share my thoughts, ideas and skills within the team
  • Motivated: I believe in the business “WHY” and it aligns with my reason for being part of the team
  • Resilience: I have the capacity to pick myself up when things get tough
  • Questioning: I have an interest in learning new things and asking how? or why?
  • Problem Solving: I actively find solutions to my challenges and help others when they face challenges
  • Identify opportunities: I am always looking for ways/products we can include to best meet our client’s needs
  • Risk Taker: I take smart risks and try new things while being open to learning through failure
  • Drive Ideas: I follow through on my suggestions and solutions
  • Accountable: I take responsibility for my actions and decisions

2. Achievement:

  • Hardworking/Energetic/Proud: I believe in the talents I bring to the team and I am relentless in living up to my abilities
  • Driven to do better: I am ambitious and compelled to accomplish my goals/ targets
  • Knowledge: I want to expand on my skills through experience and education
  • Curiosity: I am eager to know and learn new things daily
  • Self-motivated: I can encourage myself to achieve and do great things while I strive for excellence
  • Celebrate Success: I acknowledge my own and the team’s achievements
  • Recognition: I value appreciation of my own success and show appreciation to others for theirs

3. Partnership:

  • Helpful: I actively give support to my team members by taking the time to openly and deliberately share knowledge and support
  • Team Player: I work well as part of the team by contributing, communicating and collaborating (3 C’s)
  • Motivational: I desire to encourage others to achieve their goals
  • Sense of Community: I have common interests and a similar attitude to the team and value inclusivity
  • Honest/ Truthful: I am truthful with my knowledge and my actions
  • Fair: I value equality within the team and with our clients
  • Kind/Caring: I display kindness and concern for the team and our clients
  • Compassionate: I feel and show concern for the team and our clients
  • Self Control & Reflection: I do my best to control my emotions and reflect on difficult situations to learn how to overcome these in the future
  • Respect: I admire and appreciate my fellow team members and suppliers as well as our client’s wishes
  • Relationship building: I actively seek a connection with the team and our client’s
  • Negotiation: I am able to discuss and find compromise and solutions which benefit all involved

4. Responsibility:

  • Integrity: I value honesty and strive to do the right thing with great judgement and authenticity Balance: I structure my workload and prioritise my day while being committed and reliable
  • Thinking & doing differently: I am considered and strategic in my approach to my work and seek alternative perspectives
  • Solution Orientated: I can problem solve and find ways to overcome my own challenges and stressful situations
  • Creative: I use my imagination and am innovative in seeking ideas outside of my comfort zone
  • Open-Minded: I am willing to consider others knowledge and ideas without discrimination in the search for great ideas
  • Receptive to Change: I value constructive criticism so that I can learn and grow as an individual
  • Leadership: I prioritise my responsibility within the team and am mindful of the impact I have on others

5. Ownership:

  • Autonomy: I work well independently and am able to make independent decisions
  • Empowering of People: I take my responsibilities seriously and am able to delegate where needed
  • Create Opportunities: I take action to succeed in my work and the team’s goals
  • Individual Ownership/Accountability: I accept my responsibility to my work/clients and admit mistakes freely and openly
  • Open/ Honest: I am communicative and own up to struggles and challenges I am facing while being transparent

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