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Can I Explore Africa in just over 3 Weeks?

Looking for a tour in which you can really ‘experience it all’? From the glamour of cosmopolitan Cape Town, to the peace of the Chobe River, to the excitement of the Zambezi River, the 21 Day Cape Town to Victoria Falls Overland has it all. It is no wonder that this tour is one of the most popular, as it is during this trip that you’ll get to enjoy the majority of Africa’s highlights. While relishing in the best of each country, you will get to experience some iconic natural features, phenomenal game viewing, thrilling adventure activities, and a couple of fantastic nature and cultural experiences and all in just over 3 weeks. With this tour, you’re bound to enjoy the true magic of Africa without compromising too much on home comforts.

Touring from Cape Town to Victoria Falls allows travellers to tick off most ‘must-see’ tourist boxes, with a few added extras along the way. Beginning with the iconic Table Mountain and its occasional ‘tablecloth’ of white clouds tumbling over the precipice, the sights you will see on this adventure are awe-inspiring. From there, you’ll have a chance to canoe along the peaceful Orange River, where the stresses of modern day life seem to simply melt away. Next is a geographical wonder, Fish River Canyon, where you will have the opportunity to take some incredible photographs to capture stunning landscapes and beautiful memories.

Nonsense – Africa from Little Bear Films on Vimeo. Filmed while travelling on Cape to Vic Falls Tour

Trip Highlights

Orange River

Fish River Canyon


Namib Naukluft Park



Cheetah Park

Etosha National Park

Chobe National Park Boat Cruise

Who wouldn’t want to boast about climbing some of the world’s highest and most ancient sand dunes? In the Namib-Naukluft National Park you can do just that. Once you reach Sossusvlei, you can even become accomplished in trekking up the renowned 300 metre high Dune 45, from which you’ll have incredible photographic opportunities of the magnificent landscapes and vivid sunrises/sunsets. Swakopmund is your chance to live it up in Africa with various exhilarating adventure activities like quad biking, sand boarding or sky diving. Taking part in these whilst surrounded by desert sands is an incredible experience.

Another highlight of this fantastic African Overland trip is the visit to Otjitotongwe Cheetah Park where you can spend time with cheetahs and observe them in their natural habitat. Getting to enjoy close up encounters with these majestic cats is something you don’t get to do while game viewing in the wild, making the Cheetah Park an experience to relish in.  Heading into Etosha National Park, you’ll be treated to phenomenal game viewing, surrounded by about 114 mammals and 340 bird species! A guided bush walk through the Kalahari Desert will educate you about the ecosystems of the landscape and give you fantastic insights into the culture and overall environment of the region. In this same area, you’ll also get to experience traditional dancing around a campfire beneath a blanket of African stars – an authentic experience that will not soon be forgotten.

bushman dancing at nigh

After crossing through the more rural Maun, where there is a mixture of modern and native buildings, and the population is largely comprised of goats and donkeys that roam the streets along with the locals, you’ll reach the Okavango Delta.  Popular as the world’s biggest inland delta, the Okavango is made up of complex water networking systems through which you will glide on mokoros, being guided by local ‘polers’, passing by tall grass and giant lily pads. Here, you can relax in peace and will have the chance to spot hippo, crocodile and a wide variety of birdlife.


The Chobe National Park is one of this tour’s biggest highlights, with incredibly diverse wildlife. A game viewing cruise along the Chobe River is a tranquil way to spend an afternoon observing hippo, elephant, buffalo and more. The Puku antelope can only be found in the floodplains, giving you a chance to spot this majestic buck. When you finally reach Livingstone, you have the opportunity to explore the mighty Victoria Falls, as well as to enjoy a variety of thrilling activities, such as white river rafting on the thunderous Zambezi River, or taking part in the famous 111 metre bungee jump. This tour is fantastic for those seeking out the highlights of the continent, while still maintaining a sense of ‘true’ Africa in relative comfort.

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