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Things to do in Bulawyao

The National Art Gallery

Situated in a gorgeous one hundred year old classical Edwardian building, the National Art Gallery holds both temporary and permanent displays of modern Zimbabwean sculpture and paintings. There is also a gallery store stocked with local literature, arts and crafts, a charming café, and studios wherein you can observe the artists in action.

The Museum of Natural History

At the Museum of Natural History you can explore Bulawayo’s natural, anthropological and geological history, displayed over three storeys at the biggest and finest museum of Zimbabwe. The striking collection of stunning gemstones shows the country’s remarkable wealth of natural resources. Here, you will also find an interesting taxidermy exhibit. The museum is the largest in the entire southern hemisphere and has approximately 75,000 displays that depict the history, mineral wealth and wildlife of Zimbabwe. Famous for its extensive collection of wildlife and well-designed displays, the museum also features comprehensive geological and historical exhibits.


Chipangali is a sanctuary for wild animals that have undergone an event that has made them unfit to live in the wild, such as abandonment or injury. Even those who were born in captivity and raised unsuccessfully as pets come to this centre for rehabilitation. It is frequently the last refuge for those brought in unwell or wounded, and has increasingly become a haven for confiscated animals. Their aim is to educate the people of Zimbabwe with the help of live viewing of many species that aren’t easily seen in the wild. They also supply relevant lectures, films and slide shows for visiting groups. In essence, they provide a local resource centre for people to learn to appreciate the significant value of Zimbabwe’s natural heritage.


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The Matobos National Park

The Matobos National Park is a fantastic place to visit when travelling through Bulawayo. Its landscapes are completely unique, with hills covered in an exquisite collection of large granite moulds with huge boulders peppered all over the countryside. A section of the Park is set aside as a game park, which is packed with leopard, black eagle and the endangered African rhinos. There are also several historical sites here, such as the grave of Cecil John Rhodes, situated in an unusually high setting, giving you incredible vistas of the beautiful landscapes below.

26 on Park

For delicious food 26 on Park is a great choice. Situated within a colonial structure with sprawling lawns and a large patio, expert chefs serve up delectable meals at any time of the day. Here, you can enjoy tasty eggs benedict for breakfast, grilled calamari for lunch, and game options such as kudu Carpaccio or ostrich steaks for dinner. It is located just across from the Natural History Museum. There is also a vibrant cocktail bar here, where you can simply relax and enjoy the atmosphere.

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