Top 10 Travel Gadgets

April 2, 2014

When adventuring through Africa the last thing you want to think about are your material goods, but in a world where travellers are almost always bound to be equipped with some gadget or another, a list like this couldn’t hurt. So, want to travel like a pro? Check out our list of the Top Ten Travel Gadgets.

1. Hookupz™ iPhone Binocular Adapter

Picture yourself spotting a lion feasting on its prey far off in the middle of the Serengeti. You want to record it, but the only way to get a clear shot is through your binoculars and all you have to record with is an iPhone. What do you do? Connect your iPhone to the Binocular Adapter, of course! This incredible gadget takes zooming to a new level, with an adapter that allows you to connect your iPhone 5/5S to any full-sized (23-50mm objective lens) binocular to snap pictures or record video directly through the eyes of the binoculars themselves! It comes with two interchangeable rubber rings that allow the adapter to fit most full-sized binoculars that have an outer eyepiece housing diameter between 40-44mm. Ideal for safaris through Africa, this awesome travel gadget will make bird watching even more fun, and will help capture those incredible moments you thought you would never get on camera!



2. Powerbank

So you’ve just climbed to the summit of Dune 45 and you’re about to take the most awesome sunrise shot ever, when suddenly the dreaded ‘Low Battery’ sign pops up and you’re stuck with a dead camera. No worries! Simply take a small, lightweight Powerbank out of your pocket and let your device charge for a couple of minutes. Powerbanks are portable battery backups for most all cellphones or electronic gadgets. These handy devices offer travellers backup power when there’s not a single a power outlet around. No charging is required with this gadget – you can simply pop it in your bag (along with your supplied 10-in-1 or 4-in-1 cable) and go exploring without having to worry about where your next source of power is going to come from. Its high quality Lithium Polymer (Li-Po) battery retains more than 70% capacity even after three years! This would definitely come in handy to any modern-day traveller, no matter what the destination.

3. Hammacher Schlemmer’s Packable Walking Stick

No matter if you’re considered young or old, some travel destinations are made a lot more enjoyable with the simple convenience of a walking stick. This awesome Packable Walking Stick easily collapses and packs into a nylon casing less than 30 cm long, and opens telescopically to a full 1.2 metres. It also comes with a removable knob that has a built-in compass, and conceals a thread on which to mount your camera during spontaneous monopod photographic moments. Perfect for hiking, this is a super convenient and easy travelling gadget.

4. Sea to Summit Ultra Sil Day Pack

This awesome backpack can fold into the size of a keychain, weighing just 68 grams. For travellers on the go, they’re really easy to slip into your pocket, purse, or luggage, giving you an extra backpack for emergencies such as wet clothes or needing more luggage space. Its basic streamlined design makes it lightweight and low-profile, and the siliconised Cordura material gives it both strength and durability. This convenient gadget is ideal for any kind of traveller.



5. Everki Versa Premium Laptop Backpack (checkpoint-friendly)

When travelling through any country, the main backpack you take will always play a big role. This fantastic backpack features tough-as-nail qualities such as heavy-duty zips, a multitude of pockets, and a water-resistant, ballistic-nylon outer shell. It’s also laptop friendly, with easy access for heading through security checkpoints – simply unzip the laptop portion and lay flat for airport x-ray machines. With all of its marvelous features and spacious interior, this backpack makes the life of a traveller significantly easier.

6. Eagle Creek’s comfort seat cushion

Any traveller can tell you that exploring the world involves a lot of waiting around, mostly for transportation. Whether it be in the car, at the office, on a bench, or in steel chairs of airports, the Eagle Creek comfort seat cushion is bound to come in handy. Its revolutionary ‘On Air Valve System’ allows the pillow to be inflated with as little as two breaths, and deflates in seconds for a quick departure. The cover is both removable and washable, and the firmness of the cushion adjusts with just the touch of a button. The pillow also folds into itself when deflated, making for the easy and convenient storage of a wonderful travelling gadget.

7. Magneto pop-up lantern

Perfect for camping, hiking, or anything else that could require some light being shed, the Magneto pop-up lantern is a fantastic compact, visually appealing and functional travel gadget. The lantern easily folds down into the size of a small peanut packet, and can conveniently pop up into a larger coffee cup-sized lantern in just a second.



8. Joby’s Gorillapod

From those travelling with smartphone cameras to professional photographers who can’t wait to get their perfect African sunrise shot, Joby’s Gorillapod will always come in handy. The tripod features three gripping legs that can wrap around almost any object, allowing for a quick and easy mounting device for any sort of camera. With the Gorillapod, you can easily turn shaky phone videos into cinematic masterpieces, and the pan and tilt videohead make it simple to capture high quality video no matter where you are. And with such flexible legs as well as super strong magnetic feet, the Gorillapod is even more versatile and user-friendly – so much so that it’ll be a challenge finding something the gadget doesn’t attach to!

9. Dry Pak

Imagine you’re about to board a mokoro to travel through the Okavango Delta and you can’t wait to take pictures of everything you see, but suddenly you realize that taking your cell phone along for the journey might be a little dangerous. Now what? Dry Pak is the new industry standard in waterproof casing. Created out of super-tough clear plastic front, and with a padded back, the Dry Pak waterproof holder protects your valuable cellphone or other personal device. Each Dry Pak features a cam-lock clip that hermetically seals out water, sand, and dust. This means you can now take your phone along on almost any adventure with peace of mind knowing that your cellphone is protected from the elements of the outdoors. If you drop it in water, it floats with a bright yellow clip that makes it easy to spot. Dry Paks are marvelous travel companions for the new age and are also reasonably priced, allowing travellers to pay a little to save a lot.

10. G-form Xtreme iPad / iPhone case

If you happen to be one of the modern-day travellers who enjoy bringing their technological devices along to capture incredible experiences, then this one is for you. The G-Form Extreme iPad/iPhone cases boast Reactive Protection Technology (RTP) which hardens upon impact, making them virtually indestructible. After a demonstration of this case surviving a 100,000 metre fall from space and the winning of ‘Best Gadget’ at the Getaway Show of 2013, this incredible gadget will most certainly keep your valuable devices safe.



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