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The joy of solo travel – 5 reasons to go on a solo adventure

Travelling solo may sound daunting but it’s one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself. Of course it’s fun and exciting travelling with a partner, but everyone should try adventuring solo at least once in their lives! A whole new world opens up to you when you travel alone. Solo travel gives you the opportunity to learn so much about yourself, like trusting your instincts. It can be a liberating experience. As you overcome challenges and enjoying personal triumphs. Granting you beautiful memories and stories to share.

Here are just a few reasons why Solo Adventure Travel is the best gift you can give yourself:


1. You will learn to be comfortable outside of your comfort zone

Comfort zones are dangerous places because we very often shy away from exploring beyond the walls we have built around ourselves. We end up limiting ourselves without even realising it, out of fear of the unknown. Travelling solo is a sure way of facing those fears and realising that you are capable beyond measure. Adventuring through foreign lands, getting lost and finding your way. Even meeting strangers that soon become friends, and relying on your instinct as you navigate your journey. These experiences offer up invaluable life lessons. It’s unlikely you’d return home the same person you were before you left. You’ll certainly gain a new perspective, buckets of self confidence and a steadfast self trust. Not to mention the great memories you would’ve made along with incredible stories to share with those you love.

2. You’ll forge lifelong friendships

Our African overland tours are ideal for solo travelers who want the comfort and safety of traveling with other like minded people. Our clients boast about how incredible it was to meet and become friends with their fellow overlanders. It’s incredible to see people from different countries and cultures bond over their shared love of travel, nature and wildlife. Some have even become lifelong friends and travel partners! Solo travel affords you the opportunity to share connections with others in an organic way. Usually when you travel with friends or a partner you are less likely to interact with other travelers yet it’s one of the most exciting aspects of travelling!

3. Freedom to choose what you want out of your trip

We all have our own interests, passions and desires. However when you travel with a partner your interests will not always align, which usually leads to a compromise. While learning how to compromise is a great lesson, in contrast it can be fulfilling to do whatever your heart desires. Travelling solo also means you’ll be able to define your choices, without having someone sway you on your decision!

4. Gaining self-trust and developing your intuition

As mentioned, travelling solo means you will have to rely on yourself. Thereby building self-trust as you make choices based on what you think is best for you. At times you might be happy with your choice and other-times not, but you will learn find your way. Many people question their ability to navigate their way around the world alone, but intuition is a marvelous tool. Harness the power of your instinct and challenge yourself while learning and growing in confidence. Once you realise just how capable you are, you are sure to become unstoppable!

5. You will build a relationship with yourself

Often we forget, but the most important relationship is the one we have with ourselves. At times we may struggle to separate the thoughts and opinions projected on us from our own inner desires. While trends consume us we often lose sight of who we are and what we value. Travelling provides the opportunity to reflect and silence the external world. Affording a new perspective while allowing us to take stock. Solo travel certainly supports this process and allows you to build a strong relationship with yourself. Breaking routine gives you the chance to be unapologetically you. Which is one of the greatest gifts of solo travel.

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