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Zambia offers more than just Victoria Falls

The most popular place to visit when in Zambia is Victoria Falls, but Zambia offers more than just the Victoria Falls. For instance you can visit the World Heritage National Monument Site situated 11 kilometres outside of town, just before the Zambia border crossing. A trail here leads to a guest information centre which has modest exhibitions on local wildlife, geology and culture. From the centre, a system of paths leads through the dense plant life to numerous viewpoints. You can walk upstream along a trail free of fences, where you have a great view of the Zambezi waters smoothly gliding through rocks, as well as small islands toward the lip of the Falls. Take a thrilling walk across the footbridge through swirling clouds of mist to a sheer buttress called ‘the Knife Edge’ in order to gain incredible close-up views of the Eastern Cataract. You can also walk down a steep slope to the banks of the mighty Zambezi to see the massive whirlpool, dubbed ‘the Boiling Pot’.













Image of the Boiling Pot courtesy of Lubuto Library Project

There is also the Munda Wanga Environmental Park which aim is to rehabilitate all kinds of animals in order to re-release them back into the wild. Animals include rarely spotted pangolins and owls, and there is also a breeding programme here for genets and serval cats. The Park features an abundance of regional animals, such as cheetah, lion, banded mongoose, wild dogs, jackal, warthog, and baboons. There are exquisite botanical gardens here that contain almost 500 plant species, and are one of the few places in the city suitable for a lovely picnic.

The Moto Moto Museum is definitely worth a visit when travelling through this region. It has a big, varied collection of pieces, most of which detail the cultural life and history of the Bemba folk. One of the noteworthy displays here is an exhibition that details how young Bemba women were traditionally initiated into adulthood. It includes a life-size walk-in example of an initiation hut, as well as small articles on the wall that depict the process. There is also a rock art display here that includes a map pointing out the key sights of the country.

South Luangwa National Park is one of the best parks in Zambia, offering a wide array of wildlife and terrain. Walking tours through the Park are an incredibly exciting experience, giving you the opportunity to have up-close and personal encounters with the fauna and flora of the Park.

Lion_cub_south _luangwa_np












Image of lion cub in South Luangwa National Park courtesy of Wandermelon

Featured image courtesy of KeyAfrica

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