Booking Terms and Conditions

Travel Package Excludes

  • All services not specified above
  • All meals not specified
  • Government levies
  • Gratuities
  • Curios
  • Travel Insurance
  • Visas

Please note that all reservations specified above have been provisionally secured, pending receipt of a completed Booking Form and deposit payment. Upon receipt of a signed Client Confirmation Form, Escape 4 Africa Travel will endeavour to secure all travel services as per the completed above Booking Form.

Terms and conditions

Deposit and Payment

All rates quoted are subject to change without prior notice due to currency adjustments, increases in Government Bed Levy, sales tax or VAT and any other unforeseen operator increases.

The following payment terms apply to all Escape 4 Africa Travel services, excluding air travel, confirmed:

  • A non-refundable 30% Deposit is required to secure a booking. This amount forms part of the payment for the trip and shall be offset by the total amount charged
  • The remaining 70% Balance is required to be paid in full at 75 days prior to tour departure. If the full amount is not paid within 75 days prior to departure, the Company reserves the right to treat the booking as cancelled and the deposit shall be forfeited.
  • 100% Full Payment is required for any tours booked within 75 days or less of tour departure to secure the service.
  • Air travel services requiring instant payment will be charged in full at time of confirmation.

Should you wish to pay for your trip by means of a credit card, please note that in terms of the South African Reserve Bank foreign currency regulations, all payments must be converted into South African Rands (ZAR) prior to credit card payment processing. This may lead to foreign exchange variances. Strengthening and weakening of the South African Rand may increase or decrease the billing amount reflected in your currency.

To avoid these foreign exchange differences, you may make payment via a bank transfer into the bank account indicated on your invoice.


The following cancellation terms and conditions apply to all Escape 4 Africa Travel services, excluding air travel, confirmed:

  • 30% Cancellation fee (30% non-refundable deposit) when cancelled more than 76 Days prior to travel.
  • 100% Cancellation fee when cancelled 75 days or less prior to travel.
  • 100% Gorilla Permits if the permit has been pre-paid at the time of tour booking.
  • Any air ticket cancelled after confirmation (ticketing of airline reservation) will be subject to the applicable terms and conditions levied by the airline based on the fare type.
  • Please note should you want to change the date of the service there could be a Tour Change Fee which will be charged depending on the travel service booked and the date of requested change. A tour price difference will be included in this tour date change if the new tour date is within the new travel year.

Escape 4 Africa Travel strongly recommends that cancellation insurance is purchased at the time of reservation as protection in the unlikely event of vacation cancellation.

Travel Insurance

Escape 4 Africa Travel strongly recommends that comprehensive travel insurance is purchased for the duration of your journey. Insurance can only be purchased prior to departure and should be purchased WITHIN 2 WEEKS of confirmation of your travel reservation. Escape 4 Africa Travel urges you to fully assess your needs and to take out additional insurance cover over and not rely solely on the insurance provided by your credit card company. Kindly check with the respective credit card companies directly to obtain a detailed description of what is offered. In a lot of cases, many insurance policies do not cover adrenaline sports, such as bungee jumping, so just check this before you book the activity.

Unforeseen Circumstances Operator Cancellations and Refunds

If an Operator cancels a confirmed booking made via the service, (i) Escape 4 Africa Travel and African Overland will refund any payment for such booking to the applicable Traveller within a reasonable time of the cancellation and (ii) the Traveller may receive an email Escape 4 Africa Travel and African Overland or other communication containing alternative tours and other related information. If the Traveller requests a booking from one of the alternative listings this will be treated like a new group tour booking.

Travel Documents and Visas

A valid passport is required for all international travel. Passports must be valid for at least 6 months after returning from your trip. In certain cases, foreign passport holders require entry, re-entry or departure permits and/or visas to enter a country. Please contact the relevant authorities in good time to check and arrange the necessary permits and visas prior to your departure.

Other documents that may be required during your journey are an international driver’s license, inoculation certificates and airline, car, hotel and tour vouchers. Please ensure that you check these prior to your departure.

I acknowledge that it is incumbent upon me to review and arrange a valid passport and all necessary entry permits/visas for all travellers and will not hold Escape 4 Africa Travel responsible for any consequences of travellers having invalid passports, not having the necessary entry permits/visas, or insufficient blank pages for all necessary entry permits/visas or changes in visa costs.

I have checked the validity of my and all travellers’ passports and that I and all travellers have sufficient blank pages for all necessary entry permits/visas.

Air Travel

Escape 4 Africa Travel cannot be held responsible for any flight cancellations, schedule changes or re-routings. The airlines reserve the right to these changes and we will assist in finding the best alternative options where possible.

Escape 4 Africa Travel Terms and Conditions of Business

Escape 4 Africa Travel acts as an agent only between the traveller and travel service supplier. As such, we cannot be held liable for any loss, damage, accident, delay or inconvenience caused by the principal. All Escape 4 Africa Travel reservations are subject to our standard terms and conditions of business, available from our website or, or upon request.

Travel Arrangements

As per the final travel service confirmation above, I agree that the itinerary and/or travel services are correct and in line with my needs and I agree that the travel services can be confirmed and all documents issued. I further confirm that the traveller’s names are as endorsed in their respective passports.

Terms and Conditions

I, the undersigned, have read and fully understand the Booking Conditions, and accept them, as well as the general conditions as set out by Escape 4 Africa Travel.

I accept Escape 4 Africa Travel’s terms and conditions of business and confirm that the travel arrangements specified above are correct as per my instructions.

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