Why we shouldn’t cancel holidays around the world?

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Without a doubt, we are living in unpredictable times.

Conde Nast Travleler has penned a beautiful article that explains the position that the tourism industry finds itself in . The scary fact is, the future sustainability of 10% of the world’s population rely on tourism.

  • 1 in every 10 people on this planet rely on global tourism to put food on their plates every day.
  • This is the “that” moment in our lifetime, where we have a chance to show kindness and compassion to every corner of this world.

Conde Nast Traveler wrote:

“Changing the date of that booked holiday could be the kindest thing to do right now. Rather than seeking a refund, simply postponing plans might be a greater help than you could imagine. It may not feel right even thinking about travel right now – but we will want to.

And until we do, there are a lot of people out there relying on us. Around 10 per cent of the world works in tourism. And right now most of those people have pretty much lost their jobs without notice. Not just the travel agents or flight attendants currently on unpaid leave – the Maasai guide, the Machu Picchu porter, the cinnamon-stick seller in Sri Lanka – they all rely on tourism, and might still be oblivious to the scale of the world’s turmoil. Soon they’ll have nothing.”

Please read and share the article by Conde Naste: https://www.cntraveller.com/article/why-you-shouldnt-cancel-your-holiday

This is an unprecedented humanitarian crisis on a global scale.

Travel has the potential to be the biggest form of wealth distribution the world has ever seen.

Community Tourism is how we can help the world to recover from a pandemic such as this and you can be part of the movement.

Now more than ever there is nothing of more value than keeping our families, communities and the world we all love to travel safe and healthy.

At African Overland Tours we have a moral imperative to ensure that we are able to support the industry and its people, Africa is a developing continent and it does not have the kind of social support that developed countries can offer businesses and communities to prevent the sector’s collapse.

We appreciate your understanding and support. We can all do this together.

Kindness and love will always prevail

Andrew Walton

Just a happy guy who loves this continent (and is deeply concerned about its community)

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