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Five Reasons why You Should Be Spending More Time in Nature

Each and every one of us has felt the power and peace of being surrounded by nature. That feeling of euphoria that arises when you take a deep breath of fresh air and feast your eyes on unspoiled landscapes. 

Nature is still, calm and accepting. It’s a place we can retreat to, while reviving our energy and giving our body and mind the opportunity for healing. In a world filled with stress, deadlines and traffic these moments are a welcome interlude. Technology infiltrates every corner of our lives and we need to acknowledge the freedom of getting back to basics. Thereby enabling us a much better chance of withstanding the curve balls that life throws our way. Nature empowers us with a better chance of avoiding illness, mentally and physically. A clearness of mind and heart provides better decision making and fuels our positive thinking resulting in an overall sense of happiness.

Read our top five reasons why you should be spending more time in nature:

  1. Nature can Improve your Mental Health

Many studies carried out over the years have established that living near green spaces can do wonders for your mental health. Today, anxiety and depression are all too common illnesses. This is spurred on by the chaos of our lives. Most of us spend the majority of our day multi-tasking and chasing deadlines. While being in nature produces cognitive brain waves similar to those you experience while meditating.

In 2016, a team at Harvard University investigated the influence the exposure to nature had on mortality rates. After studying 100,000 female nurses over eight years throughout the United States, they found that those who spent more time in nature had a 12 percent lower mortality rate compared to those who spent less time in nature. Nature is the most affordable remedy, a natural antidepressant.

Explore nature in its purest form while visiting the majestic continent of Africa on our overland tours.

  1. Nature Increases your Energy Levels

When you’re stressed and busy, you often feel fatigued and your immunity levels drop. Stress creates high levels of cortisol, which eats away at your energy supply and negatively affects your ability to sleep. This is often why you feel tired yet still suffer from insomnia.

It becomes a vicious cycle, as your body is yearning for rest but is unable to relax. Spending time outdoors and being active lowers your stress levels, which in turn decreases your cortisol and boosts your energy. Fresh, clean air; vitamin D and exercise is imperative to curb stress and allow your body to function optimally. A frequent run in the park, a nature hike or swim in the ocean is enough to provide the energy you need to live each day to your full potential without mentally and physically crashing!

Take a hike through the gorilla forests of Bwindi National Park on our Uganda tour, or hike up the dunes of Sossusvlei in Namibia.

  1. Nature has Healing Properties which also Boost Immunity

Being in nature increases immune function and this is supported by a number of studies. Plants emit chemicals known as phytoncides, which protect them from rotting and ward off insects. This airborne chemical has great health benefits for humans who breath it in. The phytoncides act as a natural immunity booster while fighting germs and bacteria that could become harmful. Exposure to plants and trees allow you to benefit from this emission, which lowers cortisol levels, decreases your pulse rate and lowers your blood pressure.

  1. Nature Inspires Creativity

Creativity blossoms when your mind is clear and you are subconsciously open to new ideas. Many of the world’s greatest painters, writers and creatives would venture out to peaceful, naturally rich places. This is because they could access parts of their creative abilities when taken away from their crippling routine.

We can get so caught up in the mundane routine we have come to create for ourselves, while instead we need to break away every now and then. Africa is the ideal place to break away and be inspired, as it’s arguably the most beautiful continent on earth. Africa offers open spaces, natural beauty and extraordinary sights, experiences and encounters which will open your mind and invigorate your senses. Many writers, film producers and painters have visited Africa, most of which have publicly expressed their love for the Okavango Delta in Botswana, the Serengeti in Tanzania and Deadvlei in Namibia. Come find out for yourself why they strongly believe in the healing power of Africa.

  1. Sunlight can reduce your risk of life-threatening illness and disease

Sunshine is incredibly beneficial, not only because it enhances your mood, but also keeps life-threatening diseases at bay due to the creation of vitamin D. Studies have found that Vitamin D helps to prevent osteoporosis as well as various cancers and may even prevent heart disease. One such study which particularly honed in on the relationship between vitamin D levels and heart disease, found an increased risk of heart attacks in those with lower levels of vitamin D. Africa offers us sunshine in heaps and its the ideal place to top up on your essential dose of natures vitamins.

Let us help you discover the power of Nature and revive your soul with one of our African Tours!

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