Lake Kariba

April 17, 2013

Covering 282km² of the Zambezi Valley, Lake Kariba is an artificial inland lake. It attracts massive quantities of game, both big and small, which include huge Nile crocodiles and elephants. Not-to-be-missed sunsets and the bleached skeletal trunks and bare branches of dead trees that were ‘drowned’ in the dam years ago are what makes this place so magical. The best and most peaceful way to see Lake Kariba is from a houseboat.

On the south shores of Lake Kariba, you’ll find Matusadona National Park. It’s here where a frozen tidal wave of mountains serve as a majestic backdrop to the numerous islands and fertile flood plains. The town of Kariba has become a very popular resort. It now has its own airport, harbour, marinas, and lakeside hotels and lodges, offering a long list of water sports.

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