Nairobi, Kenya

April 19, 2013

As Kenya’s capital city, Nairobi is the country’s main commercial and business centre with the regional and national headquarters being situated in the city. It is also a manufacturing city producing products like building materials, processed foods, beverages, clothing, cigarettes etc. Some of the companies in Nairobi are General Electric, Google and Coco Cola. It is a bustling city with heavy traffic and a dense population concentrated in the CBD.

Moving away from the city you will find a few National Parks, one of them being the popular Uhuru Park. It is a recreational park filled with trees and dotted with benches where you can sit and relax. There is an artificial lake where you can take a boat ride around the park. The park is well kept with lush lawns which is great for picnicking.

Then there is the Nairobi National Park which was established in 1946. It is situated about 7km south of the city centre. Wildlife roam freely in the park and there is a wide variety of animals that you can see here, such as buffalo, giraffe, wildebeest, zebra, lions and cheetah.

Have a look at some of the activities you can partake in and places you can visit:

* Safaris

* Nairobi National Park

* Sheldrick Elephant Park

* Nairobi Giraffe Centre, Butterfly Centre, Snake Park and Mamba Village

* Maasai Ostrich Farm

* Taste Ethiopian food

* Go sailing

* Hot-air ballooning

* Shop at the Maasai market

Tours to Nairobi


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