Hiking Table Mountain

April 23, 2013

With so much to see and do in Cape Town, hiking Table Mountain is not often on the top of the list for “things to do” whilst visiting the Mother City. How can a hot sweaty affair compete with sipping a good red wine on a wine farm, or swimming with penguins in the rock pools of Boulders Beach?

But it does not always have to be that arduous a hike; with so many options catering for every fitness level, the reward is often far superior to a wine hangover.

Cape Town offers some of the most beautiful vistas, and certainly in terms of sheer beauty and accessibility, not many international cities can deliver as many great hikes right on it’s doorstep.

Just one word of warning, be prepared!

Recently heard on a documentary it was said that more people have died on Table Mountain than on Everest. The mountain gives a perception of safety being so accessible and in the middle of Cape Town, but take the wrong, or an unfamiliar route, and you can quickly find yourself in a tricky situation that only experienced mountaineers and rock climbers are able to negotiate.

– Make sure which route you are taking and how to access the route, and stay on it

–  Sun hat and sun block, especially during summer months

–   Sufficient water (rainy season there is generally ample water, but don’t count on it)

–   Energy snacks

–   Sturdy hiking boots / good sneakers

–   Wet weather gear / wind breakers

For more information, the official website is Sanparks.org

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