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Horseback Safaris in Africa


Horseback safaris are another manner in which to view game whilst on holiday in a reserve. This is one of the best ways to explore the African bushveld, and makes for an incredibly intimate experience whilst allowing participants to experience close up encounters with magnificent animals. Becoming part of zebra or giraffe herds as they wander around the plains, or softly approaching a grazing rhinoceros is a truly spectacular experience that will not soon be forgotten.

There is nothing to be afraid of when partaking in a horseback safari as you are accompanied by an experienced guide and trained horses.

You will tire less easily, giving you more time to saunter around the reserve. Your guide will normally help you with keeping your horse in check, as well as provide fascinating facts about the animal and plant life of the region.

Read this blog of travellers in the Namib desert on a horse back safari.

Photograph courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

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