Is it Safe for a Woman to Travel Alone in South Africa?


Many women enjoy travelling on their own to expand their horizons and boost their self-confidence, in fact 60% of travellers who travel on their own are women! Of course you may be ‘on your own’, but you will not be ALONE because you will have other travellers with you and guides and crew to assist you. Of course there are still certain precautions you need to take, the most important being common sense!

* Be sensible with the way you dress, so as not to draw too much attention to yourself. Obviously when on the beaches, you will wear swimming costumes, so make sure you feel comfortable in them. Ignore drunken/bored men who will no doubt try to attract your attention, and learn that wonderful empowering word called ‘No!’.

* As with any traveller, avoid areas that are known for crime at night. Your crew will advise you of these areas, and never go alone.

* You can if you wish say that you are married, which should help to subdue a few persistent characters.

* Make sure you know where you are going, don’t just wander around aimlessly.

* Always use recognised taxi services, preferably that have been booked in advance.

* Always lock your door in the accommodation you are staying in, or if you don’t mind, share a tent with a fellow  female traveller.

* Don’t forget to take your own feminine hygiene products with you. You might not be able to find the product you  are used to in some of the countries.

* Make sure you have sufficient supplies if you are on the contraceptive pill.

* Very good vitamins for women to take with are Cranberry Complex and a 9 Strain Probiotic.

* So relax, make friends, don’t drink too much alcohol and spend time nurturing your inner self. If you would like    more information about women travelling in Africa, you can Google a few travel blogs written by women.

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