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How to Write a Travel Blog

Writing a Travel Blog can sound very glamorous, especially if you are able to make money from it, but it is not for those of you who want celebrity status, it is the passion and enthusiasm behind it that makes it so rewarding. Read this list for a few good tips on how to write a travel blog.

  1. Having a wide network of friends will obviously help to boost your popularity, but if your blog is not interesting or newsworthy, you will lose your audience fairly quickly.
  2. You need to decide on the type of travel blog you want to write – world travel, in your local town, or on the outskirts of where you live, somewhere that few people have visited. You also need to consider the tone of your writing: do you want it be casual, formal, funny or documentary-style? This will probably reflect your personality, so consider this carefully as you don’t want the tone to keep changing.
  3. We all know how popular reality TV shows these days are, so include little snippets about something unusual that happened in your day, make it relatable to your readers; a kind deed that you did, or saw somebody else do.
  4. Interview people who look interesting and ask them about their jobs and their lives. Invest time in researching the culture of the place you are travelling to. Try different foods, comment on the clothing, the scenery, the architecture and the weather.
  5. Very importantly – take good photographs. Capture moments that may seem to be very ordinary, but write about them in an extraordinary way explaining how you came about taking the photograph or why you took it. Photographs are incredibly engaging and will keep your audience coming back for more.
  6. Connect with other genuine travel bloggers and share your content with them and vice versa, as long as they are legit. You don’t want them to damage your reputation on Google. Engage with your audience when they make comments, thank them and add a few more anecdotes about what you have written about. Use social media like Facebook, Google Plus, Pinterest and Twitter.
  7. Research these platforms and see how to increase your followers.
  8. Be consistent – blog every day at least because you don’t want people to lose interest. If you ‘disappear’ for a week or more without any explanation – people will simply disappear from reading your blog!
  9. Personally, I don’t feel blogging is for people who want to make money, but if this is your ambition then there are many ways of doing this. Try getting affiliates, people to advertise on your blog or offer your services to travel websites, or offer to be a speaker at travel conferences.

When it comes to blogging the world really is your oyster – it takes time, a lot of effort and rough seas to create a pearl of a blog!

An example of a great blog about a safari through Africa: Emily Meets World

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