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Shopping and Dining in Kampala

Shopping and dining in Kampala can be an exciting or relaxing experience, depending on what you are in the mood for! For an entertaining day out (and if you are a good bargainer) head off to Owino market. It is one of the largest in this region of Africa, so well worth the visit. Here you will find everything under the sun, at cheap prices. Prepare for lots of noise, people and activity.

If you prefer a quieter or smaller market then visit Nakasero market. This is a good market to shop for produce. There is also a craft market on Buganda Road where you can find some interesting souvenirs.

If trawling through markets is not for you, then head off to the Garden City, Kampalas up-market shopping mall. Here you will find internet cafés, coffee shops, a western-style grocery store, expensive clothing shops and even a cinema.

Once you have finished shopping and worked up an appetite, why not try some of the local cuisine in one of the off-street restaurants. Here you will find meat, rice, beans and Matoke (steamed and mashed green bananas). There is also a lot of fish and chips or chicken and chips if you want to stick to what you know. A famous street snack is the Rolex which is a chapatti (it resembles a pancake) that is wrapped around an omelette and served with cabbage and tomatoes. For a healthier option you can always grab a slow roasted or chargrilled mealie (maize).


If you want to splash out on a more fancy meal then there are plenty of suitable restaurants available. Here you will find game meat, Indian, South Asian, Italian and even Chinese food. With such a variety of tastes, sights and sounds, one can’t be bored in the capital city of Uganda.

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