The Fish River Canyon

April 15, 2013

The Fish River Canyon is located in southern Namibia and the world’s second largest canyon (next to the Grand Canyon) and the largest in Africa.  Its ravine is approximately 160km long, 27km wide and 550m deep at its deepest point, with the Fish River flowing through the canyon, it is Namibia’s longest river. The Fish River flows intermittently, often flooding late summer, with a chain of narrow pools throughout the year.

For hiking enthusiasts the Fish River canyon is an ideal location to explore. In fact it is one of the most popular hiking trails in Southern Africa. It is a hike that will be appreciated by nature lovers who enjoy sleeping on the hard ground, but with the joy of seeing stars as far as the eye can see. Prepare to get dusty and stay dirty for a few days with your fellow companions! You will also have to carry your own backpack as there are no amenities along the way. Digging holes for ablutions is par for the course. There are some steep descents where chains are provided for your safety. One of the routes from Sulphur Springs to the Three Sisters has quite a few river crossings, so take your strap on crocs/sandals to save your shoes (and your feet from blisters!).

The ideal time to hike the canyon is from May to September (winter months), at its driest.  The hike starts out at Hobas view point, hiking 85km south to a much welcome end at Ai Ais camp, for tired hikers to relax in the hot springs.

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