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Top 10 Markets in Johannesburg

Egoli, ‘the City of Gold’, is the business capital of South Africa and offers plenty of fun and activities. There are tons of things to do in Johannesburg, especially in the evening, but one of the most popular day activities for explorers is market-hopping. Whether it’s on your own, or with your children, family and friends, visiting the various markets around the city is a fantastic way to spend a weekend in Johannesburg. Here are our Top 10 Markets in Johannesburg.

1.    What? Market on Main
Where? 264 Fox Street, Newtown
When? 10h00-15h00 (Sundays) 19h00-23h00 (First Thursday of each month)

Situated in the impressive Arts on Main complex, Market on Main is something everyone should do in Johannesburg, tourist and locals alike! The Market offers visitors an assortment of culinary professionals, aspiring food entrepreneurs and lovers of tasty things, and invites foodies and design enthusiasts to enjoy its lively atmosphere. The Market sells fresh produce, baked goods, art and fashion, and more.

Expect to spend time here picnicking beneath the olive trees whilst enjoying a selection of Ethiopian, Moroccan, Italian, Chinese, and Indian cuisine.  There are also typical South African dishes for sale, including bunny chows, boerewors rolls, and snoek on roosterbrood, giving guests a real taste of what the country has to offer. The design and vintage section upstairs showcases locally designed furniture pieces, clothing, accessories and craft. In this fantastic early 1900’s warehouse space, visitors are welcome to enjoy a coffee or delicious cocktail while browsing the Market.

On the first Thursday of each month, a night market is held, during which the space comes vibrantly alive with lights and delightful live music. The Mabong Precinct is also pet-friendly, so feel free to bring your dog along on a lead for some full family fun.


2.    What? Irene Village Market
Where? Jan Smuts Museum, Irene
When? Second and Last Saturday of each month

A little under an hour’s drive away from Johannesburg is the Irene Market. The Market is renowned for its rustic location in the ‘old world’ setting of the slopes of Smuts Hill, just a short distance away from the village of Irene, on the Hennops Riverbanks. Though it might be a bit out of the way to get to, it is certainly worth the extra effort. Named ‘Best Market in Africa’ by the Getaway magazine on several occasions, the Irene Village Market offers plenty of parking space, safe entertainment for children, a charming tea garden, various food stalls and more than 300 exhibits selling goods ranging from art and crafts to clothing, delicacies, antiques, flowers, and curios. The food is sublime, the collectables stunning, the crafts created with delicacy and the ambience simply enchanting.



3.    What? Neighbourgoods Market
Where? 73 Juta Street, Braamfontein
When? 9AM-3PM (Saturdays)

Situated in a modern building sporting a remarkable 15-storey wall mural created by renowned artists Eduard Villa is the Neighbourgoods Market. Established by entrepreneurs Justin Rhodes and Cameron Munro, the Neighbourgoods Market provides food enthusiasts with two huge storeys of treats, craft beers, homemade gin, seasonal fruits and vegetables, assortments of art, delectable mini-Mediterranean quiches, and so much more. The Market is a fantastic social event, allowing friends and family to spend time together browsing through the goods, or like-minded individuals to share thoughts and ideas while enjoying a delicious coffee or a scrumptious bite to eat.

The atmosphere here is unparalleled, filled with the chitter-chatter of locals and tourists alike, and bathed in the rich aromas of the spectacular food on display. Spend time relaxing on the big wooden benches dotted around the main hall, or admire the splendid vistas of the city from the upper level outdoor balcony.

4.    What? Randburg Flea Market
Where? Brightwater Commons, Republic Road, Ferndale
When? 10h00-17h30 (Tuesday-Friday) 10h00-18h00 (Weekends & public holidays)

Set in the centre of the Brightwater Commons (the previous Randburg Waterfront), the Randburg Flea Market offers sprawling green lawns and offers enticing foods that cater to all types of palettes and preferences. The Market is never affected by weather either, as all the stalls are well protected from the elements, allowing guests free reign to visit this awesome venue whenever it’s open. There are 225 stalls that offer a broad range of products and services, as well as 16 stalls in a devoted ‘African Curio’ section. With an abundance of parking space, fantastic live entertainment, more than 220 stalls through which to browse, and even a merry-go-round and jungle gym to keep children entertained, the Randburg Market makes for a splendid outing.




5.    What? Bryanston Organic Market
Where? Culross Road (off Main Road), Bryanston
When? 09h00-15h00 (Thursdays & Fridays)

For an earthier atmosphere, be sure to visit Bryanston Organic Maret – Joburg’s original outdoor market established over 35 years ago. It is operated by passionate folk who are dedicated to providing a platform for fresh, seasonal, and local produce sellers. Anyone seeking to purchase completely natural, handmade quality crafts can consider this Market a treasure trove! With emphasis on quality goods, unique art and photography, clothing produced from natural materials, nutritious foods, and fresh produce, the Market offers visitors a wonderful sense of warmth, goodness and purity. Spend your days here browsing through the intriguing artworks, locally produced crafts and clothing, fresh and organic, naturally-grown fruits and vegetables, wholesome foods, and more, all whilst enjoying the exciting atmosphere and the sounds of live music. There are a total of four eateries here, as well as fun activities to keep the kids entertained.

6.    What? Rosebank’s Finders Keepers Market
Where? Upper Level, The Mall of Rosebank, Rosebank
When? 09h00-16h00 (Sundays only)

Also known as the African Craft Market, Rosebank’s rooftop flea market is filled to the brim with African curios, international cuisine, stylish clothes, hobbies, collectables, antiques, and more.

This trendy shopping area offers something for everyone, with an eclectic mix of restaurants, shops, and entertainment.  The upmarket craft goods and gourmet foods are of superb quality, promising to tantalise your tastebuds. Grab a tasty bite to eat and spend some time simply taking in the beauty of the Johannesburg skyline and the breathtaking sunsets it displays. The Market pumps with a proudly African heartbeat, and the lively atmosphere is only enhanced by the fantastic entertainment that includes music, mime artists, and buskers. Expect to find a large variety of delectable delights, fascinating knick-knacks, unique antiques, and a wide variety of handmade arts and crafts.




7.    What? Pretoria Boeremark
Where? Pioneer Museum, Keuning Street, Silverton
When? 05h30-10h00

Situated beneath the shade of lush trees in the Pioneer Park Museum is the Pretoria Boeremark. This unique early-morning market is a peaceful place where farmers come to sell fresh produce, tender meat, herbs, cheeses, cakes, jams, coffee, pickles, homemade snacks, and more. This market, unlike many others, is produce- rather than deli-driven, and offers a variety of South African favourites (including melktert and vetkoek!). Walk amongst the turkeys and geese that wander the area, and enjoy a delicious boerewors roll with artisan cheese and Italian bread. You can even buy flowers here, from enormous proteas to sweetpeas, all for very reasonable prices!

8.    What? Jozi Flea Market
Where? Klipriver Drive, Mulbarton
When? 09h00-16h00 (Saturdays, Sundays, & public holidays)

Located in the heart of Johannesburg North, Jozi Flea Market offers everything to do with food, from the freshest produce from small, local producers, to organic foods and ready-made meals, to meats and condiments, spices and sauces. There are more than 400 stalls at this fantastic outdoor event, live entertainment, and a supervised children’s play area.

Expect to find upmarket, quality goods at reasonable prices, such as raw honey, homemade sausages, preserves, delightful treats, home-brewed cordials and juices, and fresh breads. The Market provides visitors with a healthy way to shop and a fantastic way to relax while having fun. Spend your time here unwinding beneath the trees with a delicious coffee, or explore the area with your friends, children, or dogs! For those who want to visit the Market, but don’t want to miss any sports games, the pub at the Market has several TV screens, adding to the lively ambience of this notable venue.

9.    What? Bamboo Farmer’s Market
Where? 53 Rustenburg Road, Melville
When? 08h00-13h00 (Saturdays only)

Above The Bamboo Centre is the Bamboo Famer’s Market – a genuine and diverse shopping experience offering visitors a wide selection of fresh produce, farm milk and butter, free-range eggs and chickens, preservative-free bread, fair-trade coffee, and more! Here, you will find that each and every store is independent and home-run, with themes that reflect contemporary South Africa and add to the overall ambience of the Market. Promoting a healthy lifestyle, Bamboo Farmer’s Market offers delicious sugar-free baked goods that are highly recommended. Take time exploring the venue, browsing through everything from food to décor, art to wellness, books to toys, and fashion to collectables. The Bamboo Farmer’s Market offers a fantastic day out in the beauty of Johannesburg.



10.    What? Hazel Food Market
Where? Greenlyn Village Centre, Menlo Park, Pretoria
When? 08h00-14h00 (Saturdays only)

In the heart of Pretoria’s Old East is Hazel Food Market, providing customers with the finest food products that the city has to offer. Here, you can expect to find quality goods ranging from fresh fruit and veggies, tender meat, delectable tarts and fresh breads to all kinds of ready-to-eat meals, hot cappuccinos, tasty milkshakes, gorgeous flowers, homegrown herbs, deli-style products and so much more. Feel free to relax on one of the scattered benches while kids play in the jungle gym and jumping castles. The Hazel Food Market is a wonderful way to spend a day in the city, offering some relaxing fun and a fairly peaceful atmosphere.

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