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Travel is Good for Your Health

With so much stress at work and demands on your life, one needs to take the time to unwind and get away from it all…you need to travel for your health. With so many tours and safaris with amazing destinations, African Overland Tours can offer you a break from the rat race and an adventure of a lifetime. They say change is like a holiday, so isn’t it time for a change from your daily routine and a chance to see amazing wildlife, balmy beaches and tropical islands…

With affordable tours to South Africa, Kenya, Tanzania, Namibia, Uganda, Malawi, Mozambique, Zambia and Zimbabwe, you are spoilt for choice. Experience a lion playing with her baby cubs, spot a whale off the coast of Cape Town, sip on a sundowner on the beaches of Zanzibar or sit by the campfire and enjoy a good old South African braai (barbeque). Let the sights and scents of Africa relax your senses, unwind your mind and detox your soul.


Treat yourself to spa baths, get a massage while breathing in fresh air under the African sky and feel your troubles melt away. With wide open spaces on the plains of Africa, find a quiet spot to be silent and allow any thoughts or troubles to drift out of your mind. This may be difficult at first, but be patient with yourself – all you have is time on your hands.

Whether camping or staying in lodges, one can find peace with nature. In fact according to a recent study by researchers from Arizona State University, being in nature can improve our self-esteem and mood, and create a space in our lives to reflect and feel refreshed.

The sound of a babbling brook or trees rustling in the wind will do more for you than any TV channel in the world. So switch off from technology and turn on to nature, and practice the art of relaxation. Breathe in, breathe out, loosen your grasp and let go – escape to a place of your dreams and don’t return until all your troubles have melted away.

Image courtesy of South Africa.net

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