What is a Typical Day on an Overland?

If you’re thinking of visiting the magical continent of Africa, an Overland tour is a great choice! You are assured of creating lifelong memories filled with fun, laughter, adventure, new friends. Gain fresh perspectives and so much more, certainly the most fulfilling way to travel, right?

Overland tours are specially designed for you to get the most out of your African adventure. This travel style ensures you get to see, do and experience every wonderful thing the continent has to offer. You’ll experience Africa in ways that’ll leave you feeling like you’ve touched the soul of it – which is, in our opinion, the only way it should be done!

So what is an Overland Tour?

Overlanding is basically like taking a road trip – and you know how fun road trips are!

You’ll travel through many different parts of the African continent, depending on your chosen tour. Travel with like minded travelers who will soon become friends for life. The beauty of the overland experience is that you are free to stop and take photos, visit the markets and purchase souvenirs or chat with the locals.

It’s an adventure that really fills the void of feeling like a tourist. Instead, you feel like you’re one with your surroundings because you’re free to explore without boundaries, and able to interact with others. If you want to get the most out of your African trip, then this is certainly the way to do it.

What I can expect on an Overland Tour?

  • One thing is for certain – you’ll be well looked after on your overland journey. You will enjoy delicious African dishes while travelling, which is made fresh along the stops
  • We travel in comfort, as the overland trucks are built for long journeys
  • You can expect to stay at overnight stops/camping lodges which are well thought out and have sufficient amenities
  • Visit the biggest highlights and attractions on the continent all inclusive of your tour package
  • Visit Africa’s most beautiful countries and embark on thrilling adventures true to these locations. Namely safaris, dune hopping, hiking and gorilla trekking.
  • You can expect to visit historical highlights off the beaten track, explore souvenir shops or villages rich with cultural interactions

Everyday is different, but let’s describe a Typical Day on an Overland.

A typical day on safari means you’re either camping or staying accommodated in hotels, lodges and guesthouses. An Africa overland tour starts with an early morning wake-up call and a cup of tea or coffee followed by breakfast. Campers pack-up their campsite while comfort travellers check-out of their accommodation and hit the road.

We set off to our next destination travelling through a vast variety of landscapes, making our own new memories with new friends. Each day in Africa offers a new experience from an early morning sunrise hike, quad biking, sky dive or guided nature walk. The options are endless!

We have shorter travel days arriving at our campsite by midday or early afternoon, to enjoy lunch before joining our afternoon activity or simply enjoying a relaxed afternoon at your own pace.

On our longer travel days an early start ensures an earlier arrival at our campsite. We stop off at scenic spots to stretch our legs and take in the scenery, before lunch is enjoyed at a shady spot en-route. A mid- to-late afternoon arrival at our campsite allows us to set up camp, enjoy a beautiful sunset and end the day sitting around the campfire, under the stars.

Our best advice: Expect the unexpected as this is Africa! We travel mainly on gravel roads and poorly kept tarmac roads – both setting the pace at which we travel. We do our best to arrive at our next destination, safety is our number one priority and while our overland vehicles are comfortable and spacious, they are not sports cars!


Example of a typical overland truck

Transport on an Overland Tour:

You typical day on an Overland will sometimes be spent in the seat of an Overland truck which is custom built to endure the often bumpy African road. Your Overland transport will have space for a fully kitted kitchen, storage for table and chairs as well as camping equipment. With space at a premium, you will be required to bring along minimal luggage so that there is enough space for all your fellow travelers.

At times you may be travelling in a mini bus with a small group of travelers and in these instances you may be able to travel easily on well kept tar roads but transfer into a 4×4 safari vehicle when traveling in national parks.

small group mini bus

Example of a Small Group Mini Bus

The activities on an Overland Adventure:

Going on an Overland Adventure is all about enjoying the outdoors. You will surely spend many hours game viewing, meeting local tribes in their villages and walking or hiking in beautiful scenery. It’s best to be prepared for any weather changes so ensure you have good walking shoes, a sun hat and sun-cream on hand.

Spending time in nature will give you the chance to see animals in their natural habitat and really connect with your surroundings. You will encounter majestic mountains, thundering waterfalls, spectacular sand dunes and mesmerizing sunsets. Don’t forget to bring along your camera to capture all this scenery and not forgetting the wildlife!


Everyday will hold a new adventure. Either white water rafting, trekking with mountain Gorillas or taking a scenic flight in a hot air balloon!

Accommodation on an Overland Safari:

If you choose to camp, you will need to assist with setting up your tent when you arrive at a new campsite. Sometimes you will stay just one night, while other times you may camp in one spot for a little longer. When it’s time to go, you pack your tent and belongings back into the Overland truck and head off again.

While camping is loads of fun, you may prefer to sleep in a bit more comfort. We have you covered. Our accommodated tours make use of 3-4 star accommodation which provides for a soft pillow, mattress and duvet to rest after a long day of adventure.

Accommodation in Southern Africa is often more equipped while East Africa may be more basic. Either way, you will be grateful for your space and facilities while traveling the road in Africa.

lodge safaris

Example of accommodation (type of accommodation varies due to trips and locations)

Evening entertainment on Tour:

At night, you can expect to spend some time around a campfire, reflecting on your day. This is the African version of a dining room and you will enjoy sharing stories and getting to know your guides and fellow travelers while learning about the surroundings. Pull up your camping chair before the sun goes down and grab a refreshing drink while you enjoy another amazing sunset with the sounds of animals in the distance.

How long is an Overland Tour?

Your Overland tour may be 8 days or 64 days, taking you through 2 countries or as much as 9 countries as you explore across Southern and East Africa. Covering these distances would only be possible in your trusty Overland truck, but there may be unexpected delays along the way.

All of these elements are part of the journey and you will have exciting stories to share with your friends and family back home. Whether you relished the hours to sit back in your seat and gaze out the window of this epic road trip, or experiencing the real Africa enroute, either way you will be hooked by the magic of Africa.

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