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5 Soul-Enriching Lessons You’ll Learn in Africa

Visiting Africa means embarking on a journey, not just in the travel sense but in the personal too. It’s a continent that deeply moves and feeds the soul, inevitably leaving visitor’s better than it found them. This is because Africa forces you to stop; take a step back, and re-evaluate yourself, your life and your purpose without you even knowing it.

In a place that’s so far removed from the modern workings of the world; and where instead, the workings of nature prevails, it’s difficult not to recognise the purity, the peace and the contentment that engulfs the continent. It certainly opens one’s eyes to the beauty and power of nature – and what a place to learn this lesson! Africa is home to some of the world’s most incredible natural phenomenons, each of which allows visitors the opportunity to fully experience and feel the wonders of mother earth.

Yet, still, this is not the only reason why Africa is a place that enlightens and transforms.

The people of Africa, with their strong cultures and extraordinary traditions, infuse light and warmth upon every traveller’s African adventure. Their welcoming nature and genuine contentment cannot go unnoticed because it’s rather ‘ironic’. Their possessions are minimal, and their resources basic, yet they are happy, and this is proven by through their heartwarming smiles and their accepting temperament.

This is why we do what we do, here at African Overland Tours. We want each and every person to tick Africa off their bucket list at some point in their lives because it enriches one’s life and adds value to one’s journey. It’s a place we’re exceptionally passionate about because it’s taught us many soul-enriching lessons and it continues to do so to this day.

There are indeed many great lessons to be learnt on this magnificent continent, however, we have listed just a few that we know you’ll encounter when you pay a visit.

1. Learn to live in the moment

This is one of the greatest lessons you’ll learn on your visit to Africa – to live in the moment. When you’re venturing through the great open grasslands that are so pure and unspoiled, surrounded by wildlife and pristine landscapes; or are passing through a bustling African village filled with energy, colour and life, the only thing you’ll want to do is cling to that moment for as long as you can, before it becomes a memory. Every experience and every encounter in Africa is so unique and so extraordinary – and perhaps this is why we effortlessly remain so present. It’s like we know that we’ll likely not feel that wonder, or feast our eyes on such sights again – or at least any time soon. But more than that, Africa makes you realise that nature is captivating, and that it is one of the only things powerful enough to truly take our breath away.

2. Discover that nature is the purest remedy

In a world where depression and anxiety is apparent, there is no better time to turn to nature and its healing powers. After all, the route cause of these illnesses is stress – which we as humans have placed upon ourselves thanks to our chaotic lives filled with expectation and stress, and which have been further poisoned by the inclusion of technology and material possessions. It may sound cliche, or perhaps even a little ‘hippy-dippy’ but nature certainly is the purest remedy. However, you wouldn’t fully understand this unless you spent time in a place fully immersed in it. In Africa, simply witnessing the movements of the wildlife, or feeling the presence and peace even in the most desolate places, puts one’s mind at ease. There’s something so liberating about stripping yourself of the city chaos and your material possessions, and just being entertained by the workings of nature – which is undoubtedly the most enthralling show. You quickly realise there’s no expectations out there and no stress, just pure contentment and acceptance for what is. It is an invaluable lesson to learn.

3. Understand the power of instinct

The wildlife rely heavily on instinct to survive. There’s no manual, no advice (as we humans have), they rely on what nature has provided – the power of instinct. The way they care for their young, the way they stalk their prey and the way they feed, all comes down to instinct and intuition. We as humans can relate, as we too are instinctual – just look at the maternal instincts of a mother. We often forget the power we have been given; the power of instinct, because we’re clouded by the expectations we put on ourselves, and the ones society puts on us. We were all given the ability to survive; to care, to love, to build, to create – whatever the case may be, we just need to learn to rely on this instinct and intuition. Getting up close and personal with the wildlife, and seeing how they live is not only heart-warming but eye-opening too. Their instinctual characteristics are exceptionally fascinating to witness.

4. Learn that little is needed to be truly happy

As we mentioned, even with basic resources and possessions, most of the people in Africa emit light, joy and happiness – to the point that it touches your soul, and even surprises you. They teach us that very little is needed to be truly happy. African villages are filled with energetic children, laughing and playing with their friends; and the village people smile and share stories with one another and those that pass by. They are welcoming and warm, yet their lives are exceptionally simple. It’s beautiful to see and beautiful to experience. The African people certainly remind us that happiness doesn’t come from outside, but rather inside – and it’s not dependent on what you own, but what you choose.

5. Learn to love life’s simple pleasures

Africa teaches you to enjoy the simple pleasures – which are also the most fulfilling. A beautiful sunrise and sunset; the gentleness of animals and their will to survive and care for their young. Smiling, happy children who are creative and innovative – especially in the way they come up with things to do and games to play. The warmth and connection you feel from people who are so different from you. The natural beauty that surrounds you wherever you may be. The list goes on and it may be different for each individual, but that’s the beauty of Africa. It will teach you what you need to learn. All of these incredible experiences lend us a lesson – to be happy with life’s simple gifts.  

If you want to experience the soul-enriching continent of Africa, take a look at our tour offerings. Let’s take this journey together!

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