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Here’s What you can Expect on an Overland Tour with African Overland Tours

If you’re thinking of visiting the magical continent of Africa, great choice! If you are thinking of experiencing Africa in one of the most unique ways; by embarking on an overland tour with us, then you are on your way to creating lifelong memories filled with fun, laughter, adventure, new friends, fresh perspectives and so much more – which is certainly the most fulfilling way to travel, right?

The tours we offer have been specially designed for you to get the most out of your African adventure, ensuring you get to see, do and experience every wonderful thing the continent has to offer. You’ll experience Africa in ways that’ll leave you feeling like you’ve touched the soul of it – which is, in our opinion, the only way it should be done!

We’ve compiled a list of reasons why you should consider overlanding through Africa, and why you should make the journey with us, African Overland Tours.


Overlanding is basically like taking a road trip – and you know how fun road trips are! You’ll travel through many different parts of the continent, depending on your chosen tour, and will be travelling with like minded travelers who will soon become friends for life. The beauty of the overland experience is that you are free to stop and take photos, visit the markets and purchase souvenirs and chat with the people from the local villages that you pass along the way. It’s an adventure that really fills the void of feeling like a tourist. Instead, you feel like you’re one with your surroundings because you’re free to explore without boundaries, and able to interact with others. If you want to get the most out of your African trip, then this is certainly the way to do it.

A few other reasons why overlanding is a favourite:

  • It’s budget friendly
  • You will see the “real” Africa by taking the road less travelled
  • Meet new people and have someone to share your experiences with
  • Be accompanied by experienced African travellers who know the best kept secrets and who will ensure you get to see and experience these hidden gems

See our list of overland tour offerings, here.

What you can expect on one of our overland tours (food, travelling, stopovers)

  • One thing is for certain – you’ll be well looked after on your overland journey. You will enjoy delicious African dishes while travelling, which is made fresh along the stops
  • You can expect to travel in comfort, as the overland trucks are built for long journeys
  • You can expect to stay at overnight stops/camping lodges which are well thought out and have sufficient amenities
  • Visit the biggest highlights and attractions on the continent all inclusive of your tour package
  • Visit Africa’s most beautiful countries and embark on thrilling adventures true to these locations. E.g safaris, dune hopping
  • You can expect to visit historical highlights off the beaten track, stop over at souvenir shops or at villages for rich cultural interactions
  • Enjoy the many adrenaline filled activities

See our ultimate guide to preparing for an African adventure!

Reasons to Choose AOT

African Overland Tours are passionate about what they do, and are enthusiastic in their endeavour to make your African tour one to remember. With Africa being a continent packed with highlights, attractions and experiences; getting from one to the other can sometimes take days/weeks, which is why AOT have created scheduled itineraries to make sure you get to see and do the best of what Africa has to offer. You need not worry about missing one of the main attractions, as the tour has been tailor made with these in mind. This is just one great reason to choose AOT, a few other reasons to make the journey with us:

  • We offer you the best customer service
  • We are specialist in our field of consulting
  • We have a price beat guarantee
  • We work with the most popular tour operators
  • We offer the best tour options based on your travel needs
  • We are in the best position to offer you tours from multiple tour operators leaving the hard work for us

Enrich your soul, build lifelong friendships, and be left in awe at the wonder and the beauty of nature – visit Africa with us!

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